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Lord Adeptus stood triumphant. It had been a titanic battle, statures were used as weapons, buildings had been toppled, and the Capitalopous City zoo’s animals now roamed unhindered. Not part of the plan, but the added soupçon of chaos pleased … Continue reading

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No Questions Please

Magic is all about style. Each spellcaster cultivates their own techniques. Two different magicians can accomplish the result through very different means. One might travel instantaneously across a city by slowing time so it appears that they have suddenly appeared … Continue reading

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The Most Dangerous Challenge

“My Prince, the Dread Masters have arrived,” said the majordomo as he bowed. Straightening his abnormally high and over-embroidered collar, the Prince of Highlandia gestured that the unpleasant guests should be shown in. Clad in black armor that somehow also … Continue reading

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Keep Watching, True Believers!

Disney+ Marvel spinoffs With the last episode of Falcon and the Winter Solider out, we will need to wait till next month for M.O.D.O.K. and till June for the Loki show. But never fear, Marvel and Disney are hard at … Continue reading

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First Contract

It is a known fact that humanity made first contact with extra-terrestrials on June 13th, 20XX when an enormous spacecraft appeared over the United Nations Secretariat Building, and a group of twelve alien delegates spoke to the Earth, inviting us … Continue reading

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Ensign’s Log

Ensign Edward Park’s Personal Log-StarDate 8720.73 I have been tasked with transporting Atlas, favorite pet of Captain Buhle of the U.S.S. Centurion. While some of my shipmates have dismissed this is as a dull errand, I see this as an … Continue reading

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Live Life Fast, Die Food

Svetlana Cortez Abramowitz, agent of B.R.E.A.D. (Baking Restaurant Elite Alliance Division) and noted mannequin model hung by her arms above the giant fondue pot filled with deadly Emmental cheese. She had begun that evening at the underground sudden death clam … Continue reading

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Lost Justice

Standing upon a pile of broken stone and steel, Over Might looked down at his foe, who lay supine at his booted feet. Finally it was over, the years of battling had grudgingly yielded victory. The hero might now know … Continue reading

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Star Trek Spin Offs

This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con they dropped a trailer for the much anticipated Picard show and showed images from the animated show, “Lower Decks.” It’s an exciting time to be a Trek fan but why stop at … Continue reading

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New Kaiju

The latest Godzilla movie, Godzilla, King of the Monsters is full of amazing fights between Kaiju, AKA giant monsters. Hoping to continue the trend, studios have announced the following spin-offs. Godzilla versus Low Self-Esteem- After destroying Tokyo for the umpteenth … Continue reading

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