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Time to speak

I’m taking this week off from “That Place”, but the story will continue next week. As everybody knows, tomorrow are the midterm elections, which are vitally important. Two years ago I urged everyone to vote, whatever they believed in but … Continue reading

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What’s all this then?

This week I have some exciting news to share. A screenplay I wrote, Super High Maintenance, is a finalist in the Stage 32 Annual Comedy Writing Contest. What is most remarkable is that I had no idea I was even … Continue reading

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Try this

I’m a little at a loss as to what to write about this week. There are certainly a multitude of topics to discuss based only on what is going on in the world. Admittedly, most of what is happening it … Continue reading

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I’m funny on my Father’s side

It will be Father’s Day this coming Sunday and I’m sharing with you, my faithful readers, some memories of my late father. Specifically about my dad and comedy. I have to say, I can trace my love of comedy to … Continue reading

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Are we there yet? I hope not.

When you’re a kid, Christmas Day seems like a distant and ever denied land, until it actually, amazingly arrives. As an adult, it’s here and gone before you know. I think I may have written about this before, but I … Continue reading

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It’s the thought that counts

It’s always said, “It’s the thought that counts,” with regards to presents. I know that I deeply appreciate a small thoughtful gift that show that the giver knows me and has taken the time to find something they know will … Continue reading

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Holiday Traditions

Every family has their traditional meals, for some it’s a deep fried turkey, others have grandma’s special kugel, and don’t forget the feast of seven fishes. For me, the holidays will always mean my father’s Austrian Peasant Stew. As a … Continue reading

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