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Six Years Old Today

Today is the sixth anniversary of my first post on this blog. It started as a place to share my novel, Chosen, but it has grown over time as I have continued to post something every Monday. I want to … Continue reading

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Twelve Days of D&D

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas constant readers. Here’s a little nerd themed gift for you all. Enjoy! -Leo Jenicek On the first day of Yule Time my DM gave to me, A Goblin hiding in a Treant. On the Second … Continue reading

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Last week Spider-Man: Far From Home came out. Did I see it? I did! Inspired by the most New York of all super-heroes, I’ve written a few haiku to honor him. No spoilers. What is his weakness? Is it the … Continue reading

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Haiku as Story, the conclusion

29 I would have you speak Without guile, nor in riddles With haste, I do beg 30 Please, do you not know? Fall into Selene’s embrace That is the first step 31 With shutters thrown wide She hangs in the … Continue reading

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Monstrous Animals

I was writing haiku for all the entries in the old Monster Manual which has a lot of animals. While personally, I would not like to encounter these but they lack the fantastic touch that most of the other entries … Continue reading

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More Haiku As Story

22 Speak of the image That you long for, show me what Still eludes your grasp 23 Life is chaos by Nature, but in the end all Must turn to stillness 24 Some might say you seek The last kiss … Continue reading

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Haiku as story continues

Some of you might have wondered, what about the haiku narrative he started a while back? Will there be any more? Of course, and here are the next entries. 15 Power for power’s Sake, profits neither wielder Nor the worlds … Continue reading

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More Haiku as story

It seems that many of you enjoyed my story told in five, seven, five form. Here’s some more of that. 8 Entry is offered With ease, but the real trick Is getting out 9 Welcome, she purrs and Gestures to … Continue reading

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Haiku as story

A few weeks ago I shared some thoughts about doing a longer narrative in haiku form. My initial thought was to post them, once per day, as I do for my D&D haiku twitter feed, @D_and_DHaiku. I may still do … Continue reading

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D&D Haiku

Keeping with the D&D theme I established last week, here are five D&D haiku. A sphere with many eyes The grim tyrant are you How can you float Wizard reads his tome Spells all memorized Once cast, all forgotten Tiny … Continue reading

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