Leo Byrne Jenicek wants you to know these things about him.

1-He’s performed improv and sketch comedy all over New York but specifically at Surf Reality, Caroline’s, the UBC Theater and the P.I.T.

2-He’s appeared in such films as Woody Allen’s Celebrity and City Hall as well as on the Chris Rock Show. (Length of appearance is not the point).

3-He’s an award winning screenwriter and Scottish Laird. They are unrelated.

4- He is a native New Yorker and doesn’t know how to drive. Follow him on Twitter @DangerRanger.

7 Responses to About

  1. Anna says:

    I just came across your writing for Tyranny of Dragons, and felt compelled to tell you that it made me rethink my whole method of DMing. Absolutely phenomenal – in just a few short sentences you added so much depth to the static NPCs provided.

    • jenicek says:

      Anna, thank you so much! I get a lot of joy out of giving NPCs hopes and dreams, it makes them more than just obstacles to overcome. I like to think my players enjoy it as well.

  2. mmwelch says:

    Thanks for the follow. Good luck with your writing!

  3. alexthebeholder says:

    number one

  4. Adam Robey says:

    I vote for number one: “If Jerry had any sense, he wouldn’t have put on the pneumatic brass gauntlet.”

  5. Janice Jenicek says:

    3-With the carved bone and polished sea glass fitted neatly into each other, the Glyph was complete.

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