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This & That

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D as it’s more frequently referred to, is the most popular and the first tabletop role playing game. The alliterative name spawned many games that followed that specific convention. There was T&T (Tunnels and Trolls), V&V … Continue reading

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Everyday Haiku

As many of you know I’ve been posting D&D haiku on Twitter, @D_and_DHaiku. I’ve written some new haiku inspired by the everyday. Well, everyday in NYC. Hope you enjoy them We trudge to the store One thing we but desire … Continue reading

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Six little words

This past week was a pretty terrible one for the world. Of course, it feels like the world is beat up every day. People cleverer than myself have offered wisdom on how to cope with this, for which I am … Continue reading

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It’s January 1st. We all want it to be a fresh start, but let’s not go nuts. There is nothing inherently magical about January first. It’s just a day. If you want to start running, have at it. I will … Continue reading

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Last one for the year

This is my last post for the year. I would like to have some sort of insightful thoughts to share with you all to help make sense of this past year. However, such profundity is beyond me. 2016 was a … Continue reading

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If you are going to join me this Saturday evening, you can get your FREE tickets for the reading by clicking the on the link below. Why not start the holiday season with gift of free entertainment? You’d be fools … Continue reading

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A Reading

Did you ever write, “I wish I could hear Leo read an excerpt of his fantasy comedic novel Chosen!” to Santa? Well, Christmas is coming early, twenty days early to be overly specific. I, along with other authors will be … Continue reading

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And the Winner is…

So, I have counted the votes, several times in fact, and the opening line that got the most votes was number 1, “If Jerry had any sense, he wouldn’t have put on the pneumatic brass gauntlet.” It was a landslide … Continue reading

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Okay, lets try again

It seems you can only put comments on the About page, which I’m posting below. So faithful readers, pick one of the opening lines below and I will write a story with the line that has the most votes. … Continue reading

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Something new

It seems people enjoyed my D&D Haiku, so I am starting a new Twitter account in which I posy a new D&D Haiku every day. Please follow @D_and_DHaiku. In longer form news, I am giving you, my faithful followers, the … Continue reading

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