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Twelve Days of D&D

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas constant readers. Here’s a little nerd themed gift for you all. Enjoy! -Leo Jenicek On the first day of Yule Time my DM gave to me, A Goblin hiding in a Treant. On the Second … Continue reading

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Don’t fill up on bread!

When I was a kid and went out for dinner with my folks, the refrain was always the same, “Don’t fill up on bread!” That’s really hard because bread is delicious and when you add butter, who could resist? Also, … Continue reading

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Yes and roll those dice

I ran two sessions of Numenera for Free RPG Day this past Saturday and rather than using a pre-written adventure, I employed my improv skills to craft these adventures. Here are some thoughts on how to do that at your … Continue reading

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Invisible Sun

While I don’t like to play with other people toys, below are some short bits inspired by the new Monte Cook Games kickstarter for Invisible Sun, a surreal RPG of secret magic. Please check out the kickstarter, I put the … Continue reading

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