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An Evening Stroll

He stopped by the grocer to pickup some root vegetables and fresh peas, then it was off to the meat market for some catoblepas tri tip. The butcher handed his order wrapped in bright red paper and Sergeant Arpin gave … Continue reading

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An Appointment

The cabbie’s head was a swarm of fireflies and it swayed as he turned to the left. His plethora of eyes insured that he never had an accident. Today had started with clear day rich purple skies, but green clouds … Continue reading

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Six times eleven

Evil lives in darkness and sunshine. Hope is a lie and yet… Too busy to answer, oh really? Get through the day, that’s enough. Ocean glitters prettily. Sharks lurk below. Check for traps. That’s good advice. Ending or beginning, answer … Continue reading

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Just me and my words

Writing is a lonely business. This is not a cry for help, more of a statement of fact. It consists mainly of sitting alone punching a keyboard or scribbling in a notebook, punctuated with long, empty pauses as you stare … Continue reading

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Good Luck or Bad

What is to be lucky? For most of us, it means that good things happen to lucky people. If you have an attractive partner or a good job, the response is that person is “Lucky.” Which is a weirdly passive … Continue reading

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Error, Error

There was an error on my last post that I’d like to address. I have it on good authority that the inertialess drive first appeared in “Triplanetary” published in 1934, not in 1948. I have adjusted my original entry to … Continue reading

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Why am I doing this?

Why do I write? That’s a question often asked of writers. Of course, there are the stock answers, “I have stories to tell”, or “I’m compelled to by my nature.” There are few writers who don’t feel that way, myself … Continue reading

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