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Silence is a Vice-Arrondissement Part Ninteen

Uniformed gendarmes pushed and shoved a large group of people into the station’s lobby. The arrestees were all shackled together and made no secret of their displeasure. As it happens, the gendarmes were no less happy to escort this large … Continue reading

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“What are you doing?” he asked. She scooped up a handful of sand and placed it in the battered bucket next to her. “Cleaning things up,” she replied. He looked around them, there was nothing but sand as far as … Continue reading

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Just me and my words

Writing is a lonely business. This is not a cry for help, more of a statement of fact. It consists mainly of sitting alone punching a keyboard or scribbling in a notebook, punctuated with long, empty pauses as you stare … Continue reading

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These things are true

Nice is not as good as kind. Petting a cat or dog is quick way to feel better. Portion sizes on food labels were written by people who clearly don’t like to eat. If you love books, you will always … Continue reading

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