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Procrastination Nation

Procrastination has a bad reputation, but I’m not sure it’s deserved. Sure if you do something right away it will give you piece of mind but what about the thrill of racing against the clock? Paying your credit card bill … Continue reading

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Write What You Know

The blank page can become anything, a wide vista full of beautiful scenery populated by a never ending parade of characters, each unique, from commoner to queen with plot twists that can surprise even most cynical reader. Today, he thought, … Continue reading

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Episode 9

Star Wars fans are excited these days because we are all waiting for the title for the Episode 9. While we don’t know what it will be, I have a few predictions. Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Darth … Continue reading

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Suzanne Hevner died this past week and the world is poorer for it. For those of you who didn’t have the joy of knowing her, she was a member of one of the funniest comedy groups I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

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The good and the bad

It’s been a hell of year. Not just the political and social turmoil that we all experience day-to-day basis or sometimes a minute to minute basis. I have little to add to that conversation, wiser and more foolish people have … Continue reading

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Time to speak

I’m taking this week off from “That Place”, but the story will continue next week. As everybody knows, tomorrow are the midterm elections, which are vitally important. Two years ago I urged everyone to vote, whatever they believed in but … Continue reading

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What’s all this then?

This week I have some exciting news to share. A screenplay I wrote, Super High Maintenance, is a finalist in the Stage 32 Annual Comedy Writing Contest. What is most remarkable is that I had no idea I was even … Continue reading

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