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More Haiku as story

It seems that many of you enjoyed my story told in five, seven, five form. Here’s some more of that. 8 Entry is offered With ease, but the real trick Is getting out 9 Welcome, she purrs and Gestures to … Continue reading

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Haiku as story

A few weeks ago I shared some thoughts about doing a longer narrative in haiku form. My initial thought was to post them, once per day, as I do for my D&D haiku twitter feed, @D_and_DHaiku. I may still do … Continue reading

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D&D Haiku

Keeping with the D&D theme I established last week, here are five D&D haiku. A sphere with many eyes The grim tyrant are you How can you float Wizard reads his tome Spells all memorized Once cast, all forgotten Tiny … Continue reading

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The Saga of Wizard Bear

  In honor of Earth Day, I offer an epic poem about the defender of the forest, Wizard Bear. Deep in the woods, let evil beware The children’s friend, the Wizard Bear With tooth and claw, staff and spells Monsters … Continue reading

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D&D Christmas

Today is my Birthday and it is also Christmas time. So in the spirit of the holiday, I am sharing a little something I worked up. As some of you know, I am an avid Dungeons & Dragons player and … Continue reading

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