For Each One You See…-Da Great Goblin Rebellion-Part 31

It’s like throwing rocks in the ocean,” stated Garthort the TBD.

The Chief Diva began to hum something sorrowful and strum his lute, adding to the grim vibe of the proceeding.

Surely it’s not that bad?” asked Vumto, the part-Giant.

Look at the map,” sighed Garthort.

They all looked at the map table in the center of the war chamber. There were more acid-green figurines than they would’ve liked. A page entered with battle reports and more figures were added.

It’s not good,” agreed Panthia, Elven lady of the Starlit Lands.

Sadly, I must concur,” added Dansey Bigbritches, Halfling lawyer.

We’re doing just fine,” smirked Darvinia-Enchantress of the Cursed Forest, “Seems like building a fastness over an active volcano is a solid defense against Abominations.”

This earned her glares which she basked in.

You may not fully comprehend the basic tenants of an alliance,” observed Dwarven Priestess, Santun Shield-Breaker.

Sorry! I forgot your Unyielding Hold is literally surrounded by those horrid little beasts!”

They plummet to their doom as we speak!” insisted the Princess.

Of course, of course!” smirked the botanicamancer.

Everyone is in danger,” Dansey reminded everyone, pointing to areas on the map, “The Fort of Fright was overrun two days ago, along with the Pernicious Princess who ruled those lands.”

I never liked her,” said Darvinia with an eye roll.

Panthia, Elven lady of the Starlit Lands gave her side eye and said, “I don’t like you either but fate has placed us on the same side,”

For now,” replied Darvinia.

Each stared at the other as energies danced over their fingertips. Before an arcane duel erupted Dansey cleared his throat and interjected, “Let’s all recall why we are here, shall we? The Abominations are not quarreling amongst themselves. I hate to think that we’re worse than them.”

Well said my friend,” said Panthia with a small bow.

Fine,” relented Darvinia.

Studying the map, Punmurr, Warlady of the Blood Keep and the most level-headed of the delegation from the Society of the Night, uttered a “Hmmmm…”

What is it?”

Do you see a pattern?”

Some sort of strategy?” asked the others in succession.

No. I see no rhyme or reason to where they attack.”

Just then, the Chief Diva played a musical sting. Bum! Bum! BUM!

Could you please not do that!” asked Dansey, who was doing his best to be civil.

It felt like a suitably dramatic note,” sniffed the Chief Diva, who would only answer to his title and had forbidden the speaking of his given name, Phimot Phlonket. 

Perhaps, but we need to keep ourselves focused. Given the state of things,” suggested the Halfling lawyer.

I’ll just do so more subtle background stuff.”

You do that.”

So we fight a foe with no plan, only the impulse to spread like a wine stain across the Land,” stated Vumto.

None of the leaders replied, only the gentle strumming of the chief Diva’s lute could be heard.

Does anyone else now want wine?” asked Panthia.

Gods yes!” said Darvinia.

Everyone else agreed and wine was ordered and brought to them. It wasn’t progress but it took the edge off. Garthort sipped his goblet and slowly walked around the map table and muttered to himself, “I wonder…”

What do you wonder?” asked Punmurr, who had appeared behind him.

Gahhhhh!” exclaimed Garthort.

Did I startle you? I tend to do that,” she said.

No. Well yes. How can you be so large and that silent?”

Many, many hours of practice. I find it extremely handy when slaughtering my enemies.”


So, what is it that you were wondering?” asked the massive and stealthy Warlady.

He’s an idiot!” stated Darvinia who was a hopeless eavesdropper. 

Respectfully, I must disagree,” interjected Dansey, “His knowledge of Abominations is remarkable.”

His inept management of his Goblins lost him his keep and caused the rest of us some very useful and cheap labor.”

Smirking, Santun said, “Which in the long run, has become most beneficial. Our Goblin allies have been of the greatest help.”

Noice ta be ‘ppreciated,” said Vork, who had just arrived.

Any news my friend?” asked Dansey.

Jest bad, ‘Fraid ta say. Two more outposts overrun.”

In response to this news, more wine was poured.

Didn’t you have something Garthort?” asked Vumto, who hadn’t said anything in a while.

Ah yes,” he replied, trying not to look directly at Vork. He always felt extremely awkward around his former dungeon guard. Like running into an ex at a party, seeing them doing much better without you, and also being gracious in a way that makes you feel worse about yourself.

Where are they coming from?” asked Garthort.

I mean, the outer realms. Right?” said/asked Santun.

Yes, but how are they getting here, and in such large numbers?”

Perhaps a fell sorcerer opened up a rift?” suggested Panthia.

And don’t they reproduce like crazy?” asked Darvinia, who made it sound more like a statement.

A spell-caster might open a rift but if they lost control, it would collapse and close. Even if a lot came through, it wouldn’t account for the wide variety of types that have been reported.”

So what do you think is happening?” asked the Halfling lawyer.

It’s like an unending carafe of wine was knocked over and just gushing out. It would spread over everything and eventually fill the room it was in. So there has to be a rift somewhere. One that has grown larger and larger.”

As terrifying a prospect as that was, it did make sense.

So, where is it?” asked Punmurr.

Gesturing to the map with its wide swaths of acid-green, Garthort shrugged and said, “I mean, it could be any place where they have shown up. That covers a lot of territory.”

What are we supposed to do? Just throw troops into the infected areas and hope they find something?” asked Darvinia, “Because I can do that.”

That seems reckless,” pointed out Dansey.

Listen, a bunch of people are going to die to get this done,” said Darvinia.

As long as it’s not you?” pointed out Panthia.

We understand each other,” replied the botanicamancer.

Not really,” said the Elf quietly to herself.

If we can locate the breach, can we seal it?” asked Dansey in an effort to refocus things.

It would take a lot of spell-casters, but yes,” answered Garthort, “Finding it is going to be the real trick.”

Vork, who had poured himself a goblet of the very good wine they were all drinking, asked, “Ya got records, roight?”

Pardon?” replied Dansey.

O’ da toimes da dez ‘Bomintions popped up.”

I believe so.”

Well den, foind da foist tree o’ dem, mark’em on da der map o’ yers, den draw loins from each o’ dem. Oi’d guess dat der rift is somewhere in dat triangle.”

A silence filled the war chamber.

That’s brilliant,” admitted Garthort.

Cheers,” said Vork as he raised his goblet and drank.

Records were brought out and lines were drawn. They now had a place to start. It was much larger than they would’ve liked but considerable smaller than the whole of the Land. It was decided that they would send out Griffin-Riders with a spell-caster to see if they could either see or sense a rift. This plan came together in an amazingly short time and everyone, good and evil alike, were on the same page. At least for the moment. 

Garthrot wandered over to Vork.

Can I ask you a question?”

Oi reck’n ya jest did.”

The wizard opened his mouth and then closed it.

Jest takin’ da micky outta ya. Wot da wanna know?”

Why don’t you hate me?”

Vork tapped a finger on his chin and pondered this.

Da way Oi see it, loife is too short fer holdin’ grudges. Best ta move forward ‘n make da best o’ tings.”

Thats very magnanimous of you.”

“’Corse, if you hadn’t been such a shite guv’nor, we’d still all be workin fer ya fer a pittance. Makes ya a bit o’ a legend in Goblin circles.”

How so?”

Yer an inspiration, ya is!”

I had no idea!”

 More a cautionary tale fer future leaders, strictly speakin’ Still, no Goblin will ferget yer name! Bit of immortality dat is!”

What a world!”

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