Dispatches From The Front-Da Great Goblin Rebellion-Part 27

FROM: War Captain Sert, G.I.S.T. (Goblin Irregulars Strike Team)

A smallish horde o’ ‘Boninations, git wat wuz comin’ to dem on da edge o’ da Canyons o’ Craziness. A scout drew’em into a cul-d-sac, de we sealed it up wit a poil o’ bolders. Den we lit barrels o’ pitch ‘n roasted ‘em up all crispy loik.

Be warned dough, dey stink loik a Troll’s privy, only much, much worse. Dun’t get downwind. Oi’m ded serious, Oi am!

We’re movin’ ta da next target, report ta follow.

Cpt. Sert


Missive from Sea Elf Admiralty

Commander Lord Arnor Coralspear, commanding.

The coastal town known as Carp’s Cove by surface dwellers was attacked by a large Abomination. It is not listed in the kelp scrolls of our learned, but we have called a “Untath’Tormac”, which in the common tongue, means Razor Eel.

With great fury and malice, did the Razor Eel fall upon the ships and sailors in the harbor. I must say, that they fought well, with a courage that I have rarely seen in non-Elves. Songs shall be sung in their memory. I wept, knowing that they no longer live and shall never hear those haunting, and exquisite lays. (Lay means song, it is not a ribald jape that would be inappropriate for this report.)

If matters were not dire enough, and they were, the dreaded Razor Eel regarded the town with a baleful gaze. It was then, that our Aquamancer, Dilen Darktide called upon the great and terrible Clamp of the Deep, an enormous scallop with the tentacles of a Kraken, and countless unblinking eyes. While some might call it a monster, this denizen will aid Sea Elves when their need is most dire. Which this was. Without a doubt.

Two titans struggled for a day and a night. The sea boiled and blood and ichor befouling the waters and I’m going to say the land. I have not the words for such a battle, so terrible and magnificent. Except for the two I just used. They are largely accurate.

At the dawn of the second day, the Clamp of the Deep, wounded most grievously, summoned all the strength of the ocean and gripped their shell upon the Razor Eel with their mighty bi-valve. Once held, the mighty shellfish dragged this offense to the living ocean to depths unknown.

All is quiet now, save for the wailing grief of the surface dwellers. Sea Elves weep, but with dignity. The line has held, but at what cost? I honestly don’t know yet, they are sorting out the bodies and so on.


From Mython Greyleaf

I have sent this message with my peregrine companion, Amber-Claw, I hope it arrives safely. (If you are reading it I guess it did.)

The Forest of Bone, home to the Ossien Witch is now green. Not a miracle of nature reclaiming a blighted area. It is an infestation of tiny Abominations.

How many?

Let me put it this way, the Forest of Bone covers thirty leagues across as the crow flies. Each trunk and every branch is covered with a thick layer of these miniature horrors.

I attempted to use my skills in silent movement to scout inside. As I got close, everything went silent. LET ME BE CLEAR. Not the silence of nature, which, by the way, is never quiet. Birds, animals, wind, bugs, etc all make some sort of noise. This place went dead silent and I swear to Amarath, Lady of Woods, that I was being watched in the creepiest way possible. It was like a monster that wants to eat you and get your parents drunk and seduce them while you watch. Yeah, that creepy.

While I was ordered to deliver a message to the Ossein Witch in hopes of her aiding us in this war, I cannot enter this terrible place. Honestly, it seems pretty unlikely she’s still alive. And if she is… She’s not a potential ally anymore.

My recommendation is to get as many pyromancers as you can and burn it down. Then do it again. Maybe a third time, just to make sure.

-Devtem, Ranger Oaken ranked.

P.S. Cannot stress this enough. I AM NOT JESTING. Send fire now.


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