Thank You For Your Input-Da Great Goblin Revolution-Part 10

Sir, your eleven o’clock is here.”

Runpin, Master of the Adventure’s Guild put a wax seal on the document in front of him and handed it to his assistant.

Very well Tunferd, please see them in.”

Nodding, the clerk led in three adventures. 

Welcome, Fasha the Arcane, Cargon Light-Fingers, and the renowned duelist, Voot Ba Bute. Please have a seat!” said Runpin who had quickly read their names in his appointment book, “Can I get you some refreshments?”

Three breakfast ales, please,” stated Cargon Light-Fingers.

Of course, of course!” replied the Guild Master who signaled to Tunferd to get the drinks. ‘This should be easy,’ he thought, ‘A couple of ales and I can get back to work.’

Fasha the Arcane looked at a painting hanging behind the desk and asked, “Is that a Darnish original?”

Runpin smiled and replied, “Indeed it is! You have a discerning eye!”

How did you acquire that?” asked Voot Ba Bute.

It was a gift from a close personal friend of mine. The Sanguine Knight, Sir Tullmut. Lovely chap. Have you heard of him?” inquired Runpin as he dropped that name on the floor.

Everyone has heard of him,” remarked Vasha the Arcane.

Naturally! I sometimes forget how well known he is, more of a friend to me so…”

The three adventurers exchanged glances.

Please forgive me, I do go on. What can the Adventurer’s Guild do for you today?” asked the Guild Master.

Given the current climate of change, we are here to renegotiate terms,” said Vasha the Arcane who had taken out a notebook.

I’m not sure I understand.”

You are aware of what’s been going on with the Goblins?” pointed out Cargon Light-Fingers.

Forcing a smile on his face, Runpin replied, “Of course! It’s all anyone can talk about these days.”

We feel that their system would work well for the Adventurer’s Guild,” said Voot Ba Bute.

That’s an intriguing idea,” mused Runpin, “But it’s not that simple.”

Why not?” asked Vasha the Arcane, who made it sound more like an accusation.

Where to start?” asked Runpin.

An uncomfortable silence followed that.

Let’s start with the fact that any quest provided by the Guild takes at the very least a thirty-five percent cut of all treasure,” read Vasha the Arcane from her notebook.

We do vet all quests, for your safety,” the Guild Master pointed out.

How many adventurers die while on quests for the guild?” asked Cargon Light-Fingers as his glowing digits pointed at Runpin.

Adventuring is a dangerous business.”

And yet,” commented Voot Ba Bute, “you provide no recompense to a dead Guild member’s family.”

We do send them a chicken.”

Right… Moving on, we are compelled to use ‘Guild Approved’ weaponsmiths, armorers, taverns, tailors, boots makers, spell supplies outlets, and every other kind of merchant.”

That is for your protection! Each one is thoroughly inspected so you have the finest equipment and services!”

These merchants also pay for the right to be ‘Guild Approved,’ isn’t that right? To say nothing of the cut the Guild takes from each transaction.”

You have no idea of how expensive running this organization is! The cost of parchment alo-”

What about the healing?” interrupted Vasha the Arcane.

You HAVE to agree that we provide top-notch healing for all our members.”

We still have to pay for it,” reminded Cargon Light-Fingers.

There is a discount!”

It should be free.”

We’d be out of coin in less than a month if we didn’t charge something!”

Not true,” insisted Voot Ba Bute, “I did some maths on this, according to my calculations, the guild, as a whole takes in thirty million gold in revenue each financial quarter and spends approximately six hundred thousand at the same time. Give or take.”

So we think that a shift to the Goblin model will be very, very doable,” smirked Vasha the Arcane.

Runpin maintained a calm facade and spoke, “First, I want to thank you for coming in and voicing your ideas. We value your input. However, we can’t just upend the turnip cart because three of our members come in with some new ideas.”

Reading from her notebook, Vasha the Arcane said, “We’d need at least a two-thirds majority to make the changes we want.”

The Guild Master paused. Almost no one read the bylaws. 

True, but there are only three of you.”

Perhaps you should look outside,” posited Cargon Light-Fingers.

Runpin opened the doors to his balcony. Most days, the Guild Circle, the part of the city where all the Guilds had their headquarters was bustling with messengers, clerks, merchants making deals, and all the normal sorts of business that one would expect. 

Today was different. The Circle was filled with adventurers. They packed the open area, some were perched on ledges, and others hovered using magic. They had invaded the area, albeit peacefully. 

That is quite a large group you’ve gathered,” the Guild Master said after a pause, “But it’s hardly all of them.”

Oh, not everyone could fit,” agreed Voot Ba Bute.

The rest are enjoying the local taverns and beer gardens,” added Cargon Light-Fingers, “Guild approved, of course.”

Vasha the Arcane produced a thick scroll, which she handed to Runpin.

This exceeds the two-thirds majority required to adjust the bylaws of this guild,” Vasha the Arcane said, producing a thick scroll, which she handed to Runpin.

Just then, Tunferd entered and said, “Who wants some breakfast ale?”

I do,” sighed Runpin.

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