The Subject-Colonel Knowledge

Rise and Shine America!

BCA (Broadcasting Company of America)

Host: Allison Whittier

DATE: December, 27th, 20XX 7:33 AM EST


WHITTIER: Welcome back. We are talking with Colonels David Taylor and Jane Harris of the newly formed United States Enhanced Guard. Colonels, thank you for joining us.

HARRIS: Our pleasure.

TAYLOR: Thank you for having us.

WHITTIER: Let me just say, I’m loving the new uniforms!

HARRIS: People seem to like them.

WHITTIER: Very patriotic.

TAYOR: That was the idea.

WHITTIER: What can you tell us about the Enhanced Guard.

TAYLOR: Well Ms. Whittier, the shape of military technology has changed radically this year. 

HARRIS: We are here to make sure that the United States can protect themselves from those who might do us harm.

WHITTIER: Have you received any specialized training?

TAYLOR: Yes, while we both served, it was important to be able to use our new abilities.

HARRIS: It’s a matter of discipline and control. You need both when you’ve been enhanced.

WHITTIER: Charlie Ramirez has no military training but he seems to be able to use his new abilities quite well.

TAYLOR: First, let me just say that we both have nothing but respect for Mister Ramirez.

HARRIS: He’s a true American hero.

TAYLOR: I’d have to say, and this is just me speculating, he was already a disciplined individual.

HARRIS: Which is something we’re all grateful for.

WHITTIER: So someone without control would be dangerous?

HARRIS: Lack of control can be dangerous for anyone, enhanced or otherwise.

WHITTIER: True but an enhanced individual is effectively a weapon.

TAYLOR: A hammer can be used to attack someone or build a house.

WITTIER: Except a hammer can’t fling a car through a skyscraper.

HARRIS: We want your viewers, and all Americans to know that the members of the Enhanced Guard are here to protect you.

TAYLOR: That’s job one.

WHITTIER: What if you are ordered to fight against non-Enhanced troops? 

HARRIS: America is not currently in a state of war. 

WHITTIER: That’s not what I asked.


WHITTIER: Do you consider Enhanced soldiers to be the new nuclear deterrent? One of you could lay waste to anything a modern army could throw at you.

TAYLOR: We are not weapons, we’re people. It’s important that everyone understand that.

WHITTIER: Will you be taking part in relief efforts, like Charlie Ramirez and Sir Roger Clarke?

HARRIS: We serve at the pleasure of the President.

WHITTIER: Which means?

TAYLOR: Mister Ramirez and Sir Roger are private citizens and can do as they please. We must follow orders.

WHITTIER: Will the President order you to aid Charlie Ramirez?

TAYOR: Excuse me?

HARRIS: If and when he does, we will both be there on the double with smiles on our faces.


TAYLOR: Excuse us, ma’am.


HARRIS: Duty calls. Thank you for having us.

TAYLOR: Yes, thank you.


WHITTIER: You’re very- And they’re gone. Folks, they can really move THAT fast. We’ll be right back with Tina Tipton tips for a fancy New Years Party on a budget. 


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