The Subject-Hide and Seek

A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89V7-X4D


PROJECT: November Delta Alpha

DATE: December 23th, 20XX


BROWN: The Asset is still at large.

X: I know that Agent Brown. Please elucidate how this is possible, given all the precautions that were set in place.

BROWN: The override codes that controlled her enhancements no longer work sir.

X: How is that possible? While our very experienced engineers, physicists, and nanotechnologists have yet to understand even the basics of how this works, they did assure us that the override code was, as they said, “Baked in.” 

BROWN: Well sir, the working theory when the Asset was caught on the edge of that low-yield nuclear blast, the EMP, electromagnetic pulse-

X: I know what an EMP is.

BROWN: Of course sir. The scientific team has theorized that it negated the override code.

X: Theorized? 

BROWN: Since the Asset is no longer available to study, there isn’t more than they can do.

X: Keep them in isolation for now.


X: They may be correct, but there is the possibility that this was an inside job. 

BROWN: None of them know how it was done.

X: None of them has admitted to knowing how it was done. There is a difference.

BROWN: We did lose about thirty percent of the technological investigation team.

X: I’ve already ordered an independent investigation of the team, including the deceased. 

BROWN: Understood sir.

X: You were the Asset’s handler. Did she show any signs that might’ve prevented this?

BROWN: If there were, she concealed them expertly.

X: I’m disappointed that you missed any and all clues.

BROWN: I saw no clues, sir.

X: There are always clues.

BROWN: With all due respect sir, the Asset’s psychological profile showed sociopathic tendencies, including a disregard for human life, a complete absence of guilt or remorse, and as well as being a skilled liar.

X: In other words, the perfect agent.

BROWN: We didn’t treat her as such, sir.

X: If the Asset was tried in open court, they would’ve been locked away in the deepest, darkest hole for the rest of their life. As it was, the Asset was given multiple opportunities to indulge in their predilections for violence and do as service for their country.

BROWN: The Asset may not have felt so much recruited as blackmailed. 

X: Why didn’t you report this?

BROWN: I did, sir. You surmised that the Asset would eventually accept the situation.

X: They would’ve had this unfortunate incident occurred.

BROWN: Yes sir.

X: How is your arm?

BROWN: Fractured in multiple spots, thank you for asking sir.

X: You feel ready for duty?

BROWN: If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here, sir.

X: Good man. Any leads on the location of our wayward lamb?

BROWN: No living family, no friends to speak of. We’ve uploaded the Asset’s details to facial recognition data banks worldwide, as well as monitoring any incidents that match her unique skill set.

X: I’ll expect regular reports.

BROWN: Naturally, sir.

X: Time and tide Agent Brown.

BROWN: I’ll have an update within the hour, sir.



X: Agent Grey.

GREY: Yes sir, what can I do for you?

X: I’m sending you a file. Initiate a REDACTED Protocol.

GREY: Coming in now. (FOUR SECOND PAUSE) Sir, this is-

X: Indeed.

GREY: Is this a test sir?

X: If it were, you would be graded poorly.

GREY: Initiating REDACTED Protocol.

X: Thank you, Agent Grey.


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