The Subject-Early Christmas

A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89V7-H3B

LOCATION: White House, Oval Office

PROJECT: November Delta Alpha

DATE: December 15th, 20XX

X: Mister President, thank you for meeting with me.

POTUS: I don’t have a lot of time. Something exploded in Montana, where there wasn’t anything and I gotta go to a holiday party that isn’t a party for me.

X: Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

POTUS: I’m not in the mood for literary references mac. You better have some good news for me.

X: I do, Mister President. Consider this an early Christmas present. 


X: Allow me to introduce David Taylor and Jane Harris.

TAYLOR: A pleasure to meet you, sir!

LEE: Indeed Mister President!

POTUS: Thank you, thank you. You’ll have to forgive me, have we met?

X: No sir. These two fine Americans have been doing fieldwork for us.

POTUS: I don’t want to sound rude but while I thank you for your service, I’m not sure why I need to meet you two right this very minute.

X: I apologize sir, I have buried the lead. They are the newest Enhanced Americans.

POTUS: That’s the understatement of the year! You cracked it? That IS a Christmas and birthday present all wrapped up as one!

X: Taylor, Harris. Would you mind waiting outside?

HARRIS: Not at all, sir.

TAYLOR: Whatever you need, sir.


POTUS: This calls for a celebration, I got a bottle of twenty-four-year-old single malt I’ve been dying to crack open.

X: Mister President, I must be candid with you. We still haven’t solved the problem of the process.

POTUS: Then how did you… Damnit! What did you do?

X: I kept the United States ahead in the new arms race.

POTUS: We’ve got a nation full of people who want a cure for cancer, not two more super people!

X: As do I, but it is not our only problem. The Russians have an Enhanced soldier. 

POTUS: If the Russians want to do business with criminals, let them!

X: The American people have embraced Mr. Ramirez’s efforts, I doubt if they will reject two more heroes. Both of whom are members of the newest branch of the United States military. Take a look at this folder, Mister President.

POTUS: U.S. Enhanced Guard, what the heck is this malarky, and why is it on Presidential stationery?

X: I took the liberty-

POTUS: You’re takin’ a lot of those.

X: -Of drawing this up on your behalf. As you can see, they report directly to the office of the president.

POTUS: I’ve got a lotta questions about all this.

X: I am sure you do.

POTUS: One, who the hell paid for all this? Sir Roger Clarke can afford to throw his cash around but this can’t have been cheap.

X: The process is very expensive but it was paid for out of my department’s budget.

POTUS: Sounds like you’re overfunded.

X: I am confident it was money well spent. Mister President, the landscape of warfare is changing as we speak. An Enhanced soldier can eliminate a battalion of enemy troops before they could even respond. 

POTUS: How do you-

X: Based on tests and projections.

POTUS: And you didn’t think I might want to be consulted on this sorta thing?

X: Plausible deniability sir. 

POTUS: Except now I’ve got two super-soldiers cooling their heels in my outer office. Hard to plausibly deny that. (FIVE SECOND PAUSE) But you might be right. If Russia has its own, we need to keep up.

X: As we have two, I would say we have a distinct advantage.

POTUS: Don’t you mean three? We also have Carlie Ramirez on our side.

X: In theory, yes.

POTUS: Something else you’re not sharin’ with me?

X: No sir. It is merely that Mister Ramirez is a private citizen who has been working in conjunction with the government. He is not a soldier.

POTUS: Are you suggesting we draft him?

X: No sir. Our psychological profile suggests that he would resist that. To say nothing of the optics. His approval rating is quite high. 

POTUS: Higher than mine, but you don’t become president if you want everyone to like you.

X: Mister Ramirez’s actions have prepared people for the existence of Enhanced individuals. They will be embraced by the public.

POTUS: How sure are you about that?

X: Extraordinarily confident.

POTUS: Well then, I better get signing. 

X: If I may suggest, this is an excellent opportunity for you to address the American people, say tomorrow at noon, eastern time.

POTUS: And you have already made the arraignments I’ll bet.

X: You would win that bet, sir.

POTUS: You’re one of those better to ask for forgiveness types.

X: I only do what is best for America sir.

POTUS: Not sure how I’m gonna explain this to everyone.

X: It will all be covered in your speech.

POTUS: Naturally. Well, I have to go glad-hand a bunch of folks who’ll gonna hate me tomorrow.

X: Happy Holidays Mister President.

POTUS: Ho, ho, ho.


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