The Subject-Everyting Is Fine

NCN (National Cable Network) Breaking News with Rene Lambert

DATE: December, 9th, 20XX 12:27 PM EST


LAMBERT: Welcome back, we’re going live with Secretary of Defense, Jasper McKay. Mr. Secretary, thank you for joining us.

MCKAY: My pleasure Rene.

LAMBERT: There has been a lot of speculation about the Air Force transport carrying Charlie Ramirez being shot down, can you shed any light on that?

MCKAY: First let me tell you and all your viewers that with all certainly that there was no attack on American soil. It was a mechanical failure.

LAMBERT: Aren’t you concerned that a military transport suffered a catastrophic failure? Shouldn’t they be inspected regularly?

MCKAY: Rene they are, I assure you. But equipment failure is a fact of life, like it or not. I just thank God that there were no injuries. 

LAMBERT: Perhaps you should thank Charlie Ramirez. He not only made sure the crew got off safely but was able to put the jet down away from any civilians as well as survive the crash.

MCKAY: Mr. Ramirez is a true American in every sense of the word. We’re lucky to have him in our corner. I think the crew of that transport would agree.

LAMBERT: I certainly would. There was a low-yield nuclear explosion in a remote region of the Republic of Jakmar, what measures is the U.S. government taking in response?

MCKAY: The President has ordered the Seventh Fleet to step up their presence in the South China Sea, as a gesture of support for our allies in the region.

LAMBERT: The President of Jakmar has vehemently denied that they have any nuclear weapons but no one has taken responsibility for the explosion. 

MCKAY: The use of nuclear weapons is a very serious matter and the United States is ready to help our allies in any way that they need. 

LAMBERT: Will Charlie Ramirez be deployed?

MCKAY: He’s not a member of any branch of the military, so we can’t just deploy him.

LAMBERT: But it does seem as though he’s working for the government. He was traveling on an Air Force transport.

MCKAY: As I understand it, Mr. Ramirez’s situation is unique. 

LAMBERT: Are there any plans to recruit other Enhanced individuals for government service, specifically military service?

MCKAY: That’s an awfully shortlist of candidates. The process that Mr. Ramirez went through is not yet fully understood, but top minds are working very diligently to do so. 

LAMBERT: So is there a plan to make more like him?

MCKAY: There isn’t a country in the world that wouldn’t want someone like Charlie Ramirez on their team. But as I understand it, there is no super-soldier program in place.

LAMBERT: Hold on Mr. Secretary, we have some breaking news. We go now to our correspondent in Moscow, Vera Montoya.

MONTOYA: Rene, the Russian Federation has just announced they have their own Enhanced individual. The press conference is just about to start.

LAMBERT: Remarkable! Mr. Secretary, do you have any comment?

(THREE SECOND PAUSE) It seems we’ve lost Secretary McKay. We now join the press conference from Moscow.


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