The Subject-Status Indeterminate

A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89H6-3B0D


PROJECT: November Delta Alpha

DATE: December 10th, 20XX

BROWN: Doctor, what’s the status?

DOCTOR: Sir, the asset was caught in the outer range of a low-yield nuclear blast.

BROWN: She has a name.

DOCTOR: Excuse me, sir?

BROWN: Ignore that. Again, what is her status?

DOCTOR: For anyone else, it would be a death sentence, but the asset is much tougher than we thought.

BROWN: Meaning?

DOCTOR: First, the asset is still here, which is remarkable. Even more, the asset is alive.

BROWN: That’s good.

DOCTOR: Debatable.


DOCTOR: When the recovery crew arrived on the scene, the asset had suffered fourth-degree burns. Extremely severe, almost always fatal.

BROWN: Can you save her?

DOCTOR: We have the asset in an experimental gel bath which should help. However-

BROWN: What?

DOCTOR: The asset’s ability to heal is remarkable-

BROWN: So you keep saying.

DOCTOR: Sir, it’s not a question of recovery, that’s going to happen. At least physically. But the level of pain the asset has experienced is terrifying. I question if the asset will remain… viable.

BROWN: Your job is to make sure that she is.

DOCTOR: I’ve read the psych profile of the asset, as much as was I was cleared for. Not extremely stable to begin with.

BROWN: Your point.

DOCTOR: The asset is effectively being tortured. Survivors of such experiences are changed. Not for the better.

BROWN: You think she’ll become dangerous?

DOCTOR: Maybe? There is no way of knowing. No one has ever survived something like this.

BROWN: Doctor, I strongly encourage you to make sure she recovers fully.

DOCTOR: I can’t guarantee that sir, I-

BROWN: That was not a suggestion.

DOCTOR: I understand. We’ll need additional psychiatric personnel.

BROWN: Consider it done.

DOCTOR: One other thing sir.

BROWN: What is it?

DOCTOR: Normally, protocol is for the asset’s enhancements to be neutralized when back at base.

BROWN: I set those protocols.

DOCTOR: Of course sir. It’s just that the asset’s enhancements are the only thing staving off death.

BROWN: Are you proposing that we push a button and let her die a painful death?

DOCTOR: Of course not! That’s a violation of my oath as a physician.

BROWN: Good. Clearly, the protocol can be broken, given the circumstances.

DOCTOR: Of course.

BROWN: I’ll have a list of vetted psychiatrists for you within the hour.

DOCTOR: Thank you, sir.

BROWN: I’ll need regular updates on her condition.

DOCTOR: Naturally.

BROWN: And doctor…


BROWN: If you can spare her pain, please do so.

DOCTOR: Absolutely.

BROWN: Thank you.


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