The Subject-Falling For You

A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89H6-2VP9


PROJECT: November Delta Alpha

DATE: December 6th, 20XX


RAMIREZ: Hi there.

FEINBERG: Hi there yourself, and hello to Agent Brown or whoever else is listening in.

RAMIREZ: I’m sure no one is spying on us.

FEINBERG: That is so sweet that you think that.


FEINBERG: I’m not being cynical-

RAMIREZ: It sounds that way. 

FEINBERG: Darling, you are America’s Hero. They literally call you that in the press. I’m sure they just are keeping an eye on you.

RAMIREZ: I can’t believe you approve of that. If it’s true.

FEINBERG: It is, and I don’t. Spying on your personal messages is hugely unethical and illegal. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

RAMIREZ: What could they possibly get out of spying on us?

It’s ridiculous!

FEINBERG: You’re right. It’s absurd. How are you?

RAMIREZ: I was about to say exhausted but I don’t really get that way anymore. I was helping flood victims down in Louisiana. No one died but homes and businesses were destroyed. F.E.M.A. was on the scene, so that’s a start. What have you been up to?

FEINBERG: I was going to tell you about a really good meal I had but now that just sounds stupid.

RAMIREZ: Ha! What was it?

FEINBERG: A BBQ brisket sandwich on a roll made from mac&cheese with a side of sweet potato fries, because I’m health conscious. 

RAMIREZ: OMG! That sounds like a heart-attack starter.

FEINBERG: Did you hear that I had sweet potato fries? They are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

RAMIREZ: Did you just copy that off the internet?

FEINBERG: As a journalist, I cannot reveal my sources.

RAMIREZ: Very noble of you.

FEINBERG: Thank you. If it makes you feel any better, I only ate about a third of it. 

RAMIREZ: It does actually. Is that kosher?

FEINBERG: Lucky for you, I’ve got a soft spot for treife.

RAMIREZ: Is that how you see me?

FEINBERG: In the best possible way.

RAMIREZ: I miss you too.

FEINBERG: When will you be back in the city?

RAMIREZ: Do you mean New York City?

FEINBERG: You know I do.

RAMIREZ: Soon, I hope. BTW, I’m really proud of you. Ms. Science and Technology correspondent.

FEINBERG: You’re watching?

RAMIREZ: Of course! I can’t usually see you live but I watch when I have some downtime.

FEINBERG: You’re the best.

RAMIREZ: You’ll make me blush.

FEINBERG: I’ll bet you’re blushing right now.


FEINBERG: I really wish you were here right now.

RAMIREZ: Be careful, you’ll make Agent Brown blush too.

FEINBERG: LOL! I’ll just leave it to your imagination.


FEINBERG: Hey, are you going to do that race?

RAMIREZ: It’s stupid.


RAMIREZ: But it is for charity, and Sir Roger has promised to donate no matter who wins.

FEINBERG: He’s just annoyed that everyone is calling him the “Second Super-Hero.”

RAMIREZ: Not sure what this race will prove but that money could help a lot of people.

FEINBERG: You’re going to do it.

RAMIREZ: I’m going to do it.

FEINBERG: Then make sure you win.

RAMIREZ: You got it.

FEINBERG: Good. BTW, where are you now?

RAMIREZ: On an Air Force transport. We’re headed to Northern California to fight wildfires.

FEINBERG: What can you do?

RAMIREZ: Whatever I can. 

FEINBERG: My hero.

RAMIREZ: Hold on.

FEINBERG: What’s wrong.


RAMIREZ: Falling. Call you right back.


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