The Subject-Breaking News

NCN (National Cable Network) Breaking News with Rene Lambert 

DATE: December, 4th, 20XX 1:36 PM EST


LAMBERT: If you are just joining us, there is a new Enhanced individual who has burst onto the scene and its British tech mogul, Sir Roger Clarke. The YouTube video of him demonstrating his new abilities has racked up a record two hundred million views and crashed their servers several times. There are many questions and we are lucky to have Sir Roger with us remotely to answer them Sir Roger, thank you for joining us.

SIR ROGER: My pleasure Rene, if I’m not being too familiar.

LAMBERT: Not at all. The question that I and the rest of the world want to know is, how did this all happen, and do you know the secret of your transformation?

SIR ROGER: Rene, I’d love to tell you that I cracked this mystery but I’m afraid I have to tell you that I’m a customer in this equation. I was approached by some individuals about this process, which by the way is called Apotheosis.

LAMBERT: Apotheosis means elevation to a divine state.

SIR ROGER: It’s also the highest point in development, I prefer that definition. It’s more democratic.

LAMBERT: The individuals who approached you, were they associated with Sanderson Industries who were responsible for Charlie Ramirez’s enhancements?

SIR ROGER: I suspect not.

LAMBERT: Then who were they?

SIR ROGER: I really cannot say.

LAMBERT: So you don’t know who they were? It seems more than a little reckless to submit to such an experimental procedure.

SIR ROGER: Let me clarify Rene, I didn’t say that I didn’t know who they were, just that I cannot say. I signed quite a few NDAs before it was over.


SIR ROGER: And as for risk, I didn’t become successful by being timid. Apotheosis is the cutting edge of technology in this century and perhaps the next.

LAMBERT: Why did you undergo this yourself?

SIR ROGER: I have to say, I was inspired by your Mister Ramirez. His example has changed many lives for the better. I just wanted to do the same.

LAMBERT: Surely with your vast wealth it would be easy for you to affect change. Why become Enhanced?

SIR ROGER: Just throwing money at a problem has had limited success, in my opinion. Too many people in between me and what was wrong. I want to use my hands to make things better.

LAMBERT: Could you elaborate? 

SIR ROGER: Happily! I’m talking to you from the village of Krustov in the Naverek Republic, a former Soviet satellite nation. The Colvitz River was swollen due to excessive rains and the dam holding it was about to break before we showed up. I was able to brace the dam while my team of engineers reinforced the worn materials. We were fortunate that we arrived just in time.

LAMBERT: That’s remarkable but can you act unilaterally on foreign soil?

SIR ROGER: Rene, of course not. We were invited by Prime Minister Skovavitch himself.

LAMBERT: That raises more questions than it answers.

SIR ROGER: Ha! I’m sure. Let me announce, exclusively on your show Rene, the formation of The Galahad Foundation. We are dedicated to helping those who are in greatest need, worldwide. We will never intervene where we are not invited. A nation’s sovereignty is sacrosanct and we will never violate that.

LAMBERT: Given there is only one member of your foundation with Enhanced abilities, will you have other people undergo Apotheosis.

SIR ROGER: Anything is possible.

LAMBERT: That’s not an answer.

SIR ROGER: Rene I’d love to banter back and forth with you all day long but The Galahad Foundation is still on the clock.

LAMBERT: Where are you headed next?

SIR ROGER: You and your viewer can learn more at GALAHADFOUNDATION.ENH. Also, follow us on all relevant social media platforms. Rene, as always a pleasure. Adieu!

LAMBERT: Sir Roger Clarke, the world’s second super-hero. We’ll be back after these messages.


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