The Subject-Diplomatically Yours

NCN (National Cable Network) Mid-Day Report with Martin Boyd

1:17 OM EST

DATE: October, 30th, 20XX


BOYD: Our next guest is the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Abigale Germain. Ambassador, welcome to the show.

GERMAIN: Martin, always a pleasure.

BOYD: Ambassador, there is a great deal of pressure for the United States to release the details of the research that not only cured Charlie Ramirez of cancer but also gave him superpowers. Will this research be shared with other nations?

GERMAIN: Martin, let me just say that the U.S. government understands the interest in this matter. It’s a potentially world-changing discovery.

BOYD: Potentially?

GERMAIN: What everybody needs to remember that this is a very new discovery. We only found out about it two days ago. It’s unclear if this can be reproduced. It would be extremely negligent to be released without the proper due diligence.

BOYD: The Russian ambassador, Vassily Krupin has suggested that the U.S. government is unwilling to share this because of the military applications. An army of, “Super-Soldiers” were his exact words.

GERMAIN: Let me be perfectly clear, there are no plans for an army of “Super-Soldiers.” We have every confidence in the brave men and women of our armed forces to protect this great nation. The applications for this new technology that has us most excited are the medical ones, not the military. The world will need patience while experts sort through the data.

BOYD: Do you know how long that will take?

GERMAIN: I’ve personally not seen any of the research, I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but I have been told that it is very extensive. It would be reckless of me to put a timeline on this.

BOYD: What about the other enhanced individual? The woman who caused so much destruction in Arizona.

GERMAIN: I understand she is being held in a secure facility.

BOYD: Will she stand trial for what she did?

GERMAIN: That would be a question for the Department of Justice. Though I would expect so.

BOYD: Do you think that these recent events have shifted the balance of power in favor of the United States?

GERMAIN: That’s a simple view of the situation.

BOYD: And that’s not an answer.

GERMAIN: Martin, you know the things change, moment to moment. There is the potential for great good to come from this but never forget the cost was high for the good people of the Flagstaff area.

BOYD: What will the-

GERMAIN: Sorry to interrupt but I’d like to let your viewer know that if they want to donate to the victims of the Flagstaff Disaster, please go to RebuildFlagstaff.Org. Or call 1-888-555-AZFS, that’s 1-888-555-2937.

BOYD: I’m sure they will.

GERMAIN: As I’m confident that you will as well.

BOYD: As soon as we go to commercial. Ambassador, thank you for stopping by.

GERMAIN: Marin, my pleasure.

BOYD: Stay tuned, we’ll be right back.



A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89H6-76H


PROJECT: November Delta Alpha

DATE: October, 29th, 20XX


BROWN: Good afternoon. I’d like to ask you a few questions.

SUBJECT II: You’re not a doctor.

BROWN: What makes you say that?

SUBJECT II: You’re dressed like one, but you’re not fooling anyone.

BROWN: I see. Then what do you think I am?


BROWN: Not exactly.

SUBJECT II: Special agent, operative, spy, Mr. No Name. Take your pick.

BROWN: You can call me Mr. Brown.

SUBJECT: How nondescript.

BROWN: You are Fiona Aaronovitch, age twenty-seven, born April sixth in Davenport Iowa to Herb and Barbara Aaronovitch, now both deceased. You were declared dead as of February eleventh, three years prior.


AARONOVITCH: Was that a question?

BROWN: Clearly not.

AARONOVITCH: You did say you were going to ask me questions.

BROWN: I did.

AARONOVITCH: I’m just wondering when that was going to start.

BROWN: Given that your enhancements have been removed, and you are currently facing multiple criminal charges, I wonder why you seem so calm?

AARONOVITCH: Now that’s really two questions. There are two reasons. The first is that they are not removed, they’re just in idle mode. I see the drones at Sanderson are playing ball.

BROWN: And the second reason?

AARONOVITCH: You’ll need to earn that.

BROWN: You were in what was reported as a fatal car crash, the medical records list multiple fractures, organ failure, and brain death.

AARONOVITCH: I got better.

BROWN: So you didn’t give your consent for the procedure?

AARONOVITCH: I was a bag of meat and bone fragments, it’s not like I could sign anything. Or speak. Or nod.

BROWN: Did you meet any others in the program?

AARONOVITCH: No, they didn’t tell me about the others.

BROWN: Others?

AARONOVITCH: The good-looking one, he was a lot of fun. Yes…

BROWN: How many others are there?

AARONOVITCH: Like I just said, they didn’t tell me.

BROWN: You said others, which means multiples.

AARONOVITCH: I only found out about the hotty when Doctor Kim told me.

BROWN: What do you know about Doctor Kim?

AARONOVITCH: She was the brains behind the whole thing. There were lots of people in white coats but she ran the show.

BROWN: Do you know her current whereabouts?

AARONOVITCH: Gee, I don’t know. It’s been a really crazy week.

BROWN: Is there anything you can tell me about her?

AARONOVITCH: She’s smarter than you.

BROWN: In scientific matters, clearly yes.

BROWN: We’ll see.

AARONOVITCH: In every way.

AARONOVITCH: Typical cop, you think-

BROWN: Did Doctor Kim tell you to attack the other subject?


BROWN: The other enhanced individual.

AARONOVITCH: Do you know his name, we danced all night and in all the excitement, I forgot to ask.

BROWN: Let’s call him the subject.


BROWN: Did Doctor Kim direct you to attack the subject?

AARONOVITCH: She just wanted me to introduce myself.

BROWN: After keeping you separate for so long.

AARONOVITCH: I had the same question but she was very coy about things. If you knew she where was, you could ask her yourself.

BROWN: I intend to.

AARONOVITCH: Lemme know how that works out.

BROWN: Did Doctor Kim ever tell you why she created this process?

AARONOVITCH: She didn’t, like I said, very coy.

BROWN: What was the second reason?


BROWN: You said there was a second reason why you were so calm, given your current situation.

AARONOVITCH: I did, didn’t I? Okay, I’ll tell you. You don’t want me to stand trial in a big public way. If you did, I’d be speaking to a shitty public defender, who would be guaranteed to lose. If you wanted me dead, that would’ve already happened. You want to use me. Well, probably whoever you work for does. Am I right?

BROWN: If you were, what would you say?

AARONOVITCH: I’d say, lets dance.


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