The Subject-REDACTED

A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89H6-76H


PROJECT: November Delta Alpha

DATE: October, 27th, 20XX

(Portions of this conversation have been redacted for reasons of security)

BROWN: Good morning REDACTED.

X: Is it?

BROWN: All things considered, I’d say yes.

X: You are unusually sanguine given you have done the polar opposite of what your assignment was. Were I in your shoes, I might be more penitent.

BROWN: Clearly things have gone in a different direction than anticipated.

X: Indeed.

BROWN: However, given the circumstances, I think that this was the best possible outcome.

X: I’m curious how you came to this conclusion.

BROWN: Well sir, once the footage was posted it was a choice of denying what everyone could see or embracing it.

X: you should have employed the REDACTED Protocol.

BROWN: That option is no longer viable given current technological and societal factors.

X: That is a shame.

BROWN: It’s a different world, sir.

X: Nonetheless, you were sent to control this fire and you have thrown kerosene on it instead.

BROWN: While I have not doused the flames, I believe I have contained it. Once something had been posted on the internet, it is virtually impossible to delete it.

X: Had you asked, I would’ve authorized a REDACTED.

BROWN: The estimated death toll would’ve been in the thousands. It seemed too high a price. Additionally, it would’ve made the job exponentially harder.

X: Very well, but making this public will make it more complicated.

BROWN: It sped up the timeline to be sure, but having enhanced individuals was never going to be a secret for long.

X: Very well. Did you acquire the female enhanced as well?

BROWN: We did, though I don’t know if she’ll prove to be as agreeable as the male. Preliminary psych evaluations indicate dangerous and severe sociopathy.

X: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

BROWN: Thirteen agents were killed before she could be sedated.

X: Acceptable losses.

BROWN: As you say, sir.

X: What about the other one?

BROWN: He’s proving to be very cooperative. The perfect face for the future of enhanced individuals. He’ll make an excellent first impression.

X: What about this journalist?

BROWN: Debra Feinberg, she’s very well regarded in her field.

X: Her file shows a distinct lack of trust for authority.

BROWN: Her background in science has given her an analytical mind, and the subject requested her.

X: Did he? Make note of that.

BROWN: Already done sir.

X: Is she aware of Doctor Kim?

BROWN: No, and neither is the subject.

X: Where are we on locating Doctor Kim?

BROWN: Still working on that.

X: So you have no idea?

BROWN: We are following every possible lead.

X: See that you do. This whole affair is becoming far too public.

BROWN: There is one positive aspect to this.

X: Which is?

BROWN: The first enhanced individual the world will see is an American one.

X: Thank God for that. Now find Doctor Kim. Bring in REDACTED for support.

BROWN: Are you sure sir? REDACTED was responsible for REDACTED and REDACTED.

X: As I said before, acceptable losses.

BROWN: Yes sir.


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