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The Subject Returns

A little over four years ago, I began this serialized story. For reasons I cannot remember, I never finished it. Perhaps I was blocked or found something else that inspired my imagination. Honestly, I can’t recall. But I have returned … Continue reading

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The Cottage

This week I’m looking back in time, by sharing something I wrote for an English class when I was fifteen years old. If you enjoy it, you can thank my mother for saving this. If you don’t, blame me for … Continue reading

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An Elusive Volume- A tale of the Arrondissement

It’s been about two months and somehow I find myself wandering back to the Arrondissement. I knew that I would return but not so soon. The metaphorical pen goes where it will. One of the wonderful things about creating a … Continue reading

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A Long Time Ago…

Last week it was May the Fourth, the official/unofficial Star Wars holiday. To honor this, one of the holiest days in the nerd calendar, I rewatched Star Wars. By which, I mean Episode 4, A New Hope. This addendum was … Continue reading

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The Most Dangerous Challenge

“My Prince, the Dread Masters have arrived,” said the majordomo as he bowed. Straightening his abnormally high and over-embroidered collar, the Prince of Highlandia gestured that the unpleasant guests should be shown in. Clad in black armor that somehow also … Continue reading

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