Extra, Extra!-Arrondissement Part Seventy-Three

                                                                   Just In Time!
                                                         By Eloise Van der Linde
                                          November 25th, 394th Year of the Thrush

The mysterious time anomalies that plagued the Arrondissement are now a thing of the past, quite literally. Citizens awoke to time flowing in a forward direction at the normal pace.

On the Rue du Référentiel, the self-repeating collapse of a ledge, which has been occurring regularly for the past twenty-two days, has finally settled into a pile of rubble. This comes much to the relief of Gendarmes who have been keeping overly curious people from getting caught up in it during that period.

Countless time-related phenomena all over the Arrondissement have ceased, including a flock of nightingales frozen mid-flight, a one-meter wide, oval storm that rained upwards, and of course the chicken that became the egg.

The Minister of Chronology, Fulbert Cesar Crémieux, issued the following statement:

“The Ministry of Chronology is extremely pleased to inform all residents that the time disruptions have been reversed and that there is no longer any danger of an incursion from either the past or the future.

Rest assured that it is due to the tireless efforts of the entire M.O.C. that this crisis was averted.”

When asked who was responsible for everything that had happened and the methods involved, Minister Crémieux refused to comment for what he called, ‘Reasons of Chronological Security.’

This member of the Fourth Estate suspects the League of Spiders who have, coincidently vanished from view.

Although the odd occurrences have stopped, at least two positive results remain. First, there is the matter of the Cure-dent de Déant. It is still the largest tree in the most popular park, the Jardin des Gens. The preternatural surge of growth it experienced remains and park-goers have flocked to see it.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, Monsieur Willem Molyneux, the gentleman who was granted youth once more is getting married to Blaise Gallois, the iron shaper whom he rescued from the incident at the Rue du Référentiel. This is her first marriage and his fourth.

Undoubtedly, there will repercussions from this that we cannot foresee. However, for the time being, citizens of the Arrondissement can fall asleep knowing that today will followed by tomorrow, and not the other way around.

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