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Up or Down?-Arrondissement Part Sixty-One

As they ran down the Rue des Rêves, Verdigris enveloped the statues that lined the avenue until they flaked away into a pale green dust. The worn cobblestones they were traveling along became smoother and easier to run on. Suddenly, … Continue reading

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Don’t You Trust Me?-Arrondissement Part Sixty

“She’s lying!” exclaimed Nikita. “I don’t think she was,” countered Arpin, “She did not smell of deceit.” “If I were to lie, I might say something that sounded dangerous but would be impossible to check,” added Maxi “Monsieur L’Horloge, what … Continue reading

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Assurance and Threats-Arrondissement Part Fifty-Nine

Arpin and Unexpected walked to the open space made in the ghostly ranks and stopped three meters away from the Repairperson, as her instructions. The spirits were out of earshot. “Thank you for agreeing to this parley,” said the Repairperson. … Continue reading

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Open and Shut-Arrondissement Part Fifty Eight

“This one too?” asked Maxi. Nikita shuddered and replied, “Yes, just like the others.” They stood before a drab metal door at the end of a stone corridor, seven levels below the lobby. “Stand back,” said Maxi quietly as she … Continue reading

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