Next Steps-Arrondissement Part Fifty Six

Having thoroughly searched the Tower Cerulean, the Repairperson had to conclude that the Penultimate device was not there. There was however a multitude of weapons, armor, and trophies that were worth more than the contents of the Banque Nationale.

The Repairperson was not a thief and even if she were, there was no one to fence them to.

After leaving the Chevalier’s keep she walked to a nearby street vendor. She picked up a cup of café and left three copper concepts. The Repairperson then walked along the rues and ruelles, found her way to a tiny park nestled between two buildings. It had a tarnished brass path that wound its way below street level forming an intimate valley, including a miniature pond with petite, iridescent octopuses.

She sat there, nibbled her café, and thought. They must have adjusted the numerical sequence. That would explain things.

Four of them were not frozen if she counted correctly, the Renard Gendarme, the watchmaker, the thief, and one Chevalier. Challenging to be sure but not impossible. There was a way. Perilous though it may be, it would work if she could pull it off.

Chewing the last of her café, she got up and climbed out back to the street. From the branch of a tree, a verdigris Chartreux watched her leave. He miaoued and a grey Burmilla, who was sitting on a rooftop, replied and took off in the same direction as the Repairperson.

She was followed until she reached her destination. If the Repairperson knew that she was being watched, there was no outward sign.

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