Measured Moves-Arrondissement-Part Fifty-Four

The Repairperson used gauze to absorb her blood that had been caught in the air when everything stopped. She got the supplies in a pharmacie, first bandaging her various cuts, then removing all trace of her presence, all the while carefully avoiding disturbing customers in the isles.

Her attention to detail made her uniquely qualified to work on The Penultimate Device but it meant she never did anything quickly. Fortunately, she had all the time she required. After disposing of the blood-soaked dressing in several places around the Arrondissement, the Repairperson made her way back to the Tower Cerulean.

Climbing up to a roof of a maison de ville a few blocks away, she observed the keep with a pair of field glasses. After an hour of stillness (her chronoton was still running), the Repairperson ambled to the headquarters of the Coterie du Honor and through the open gates.

Squires and Chevaliers did not react to her presence, which was as it should be. She climbed the stairs and followed the path she had been led through before (as her memory was flawless) and stood before the door where the Penultimate Device was placed.

While nothing she had seen or heard indicated that the whole of the Arrondissement was not still trapped in a moment of time, she paused. A spiked mace hung on the wall. She took it, just in case. The Repairperson had no desire to kill anyone but she also had no reservations about doing so.

She opened the door, looked inside, and then returned the spiked mace to its display. The room was empty. To be sure, fixing things would be more difficult, but she had all the time she needed.

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