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Safe As Buildings-Arrondissement-Part Fifty-Seven

“I’m not going in there again,” said Nikita. “Understandable,” said Arpin, “But I think you will be safe.” “That’s what Detective Durand said and I nearly got caught in a Repeating Whorl. Plus, the stairs are made of ierósium.” “What’s … Continue reading

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Next Steps-Arrondissement Part Fifty Six

Having thoroughly searched the Tower Cerulean, the Repairperson had to conclude that the Penultimate device was not there. There was however a multitude of weapons, armor, and trophies that were worth more than the contents of the Banque Nationale. The … Continue reading

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Supper Time-Arrondissement-Part Fifty-Five

“Why don’t we lay out exactly what we know?” asked Monsieur L’Horloge, taking out a pen and notebook. The brasserie they sat in would ordinarily have been too loud to have a decent conversation. Business was honestly quite brisk and … Continue reading

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Measured Moves-Arrondissement-Part Fifty-Four

The Repairperson used gauze to absorb her blood that had been caught in the air when everything stopped. She got the supplies in a pharmacie, first bandaging her various cuts, then removing all trace of her presence, all the while … Continue reading

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Six Years Old Today

Today is the sixth anniversary of my first post on this blog. It started as a place to share my novel, Chosen, but it has grown over time as I have continued to post something every Monday. I want to … Continue reading

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