Working yesterday, for a better tomorrow.-Arrondissement-Part Fifty-One

Ministry of Chronology
Memo # 897-B-246
Date: November 17th, 394th Year of the Thrush
Subject: Dealing with The Public


There have been many questions about the current temporal crisis, (which will hereafter be referred to as the C.T.C.). Below are guidelines on how to deal with them.

1- “What are we to tell the public?” The citizenry of the Arrondissement wants to know what is going on. This is of course to be expected. Things are very serious and many questions have arisen. If a citizen asks you about the C.T.C., please respond with the following phrase, “The Ministry of Chronology is working diligently to correct the variances in the time stream.”

If that does not satisfy them, encourage them to fold a bird to the Office of Public Inquiries with any and all concerns. Extricate yourself from the conversation as quickly as possible. Site pressing Ministry business as an excuse.

2- “How to handle interactions with the public?” Due to the ongoing and escalating nature of the C.T.C., it is important to maintain the prestige the Ministry has built up. While we are investigating all avenues, nonetheless a lack of visible progress can undermine public trust. Do not identify yourself as a Ministry of Chronology employee to anyone you do not know. While the law prohibits us from lying about who we are, mumbling or pretending not to hear a request to identify is an acceptable alternative. Remove all pins or other devices from your clothing that could identify you as a member of the Ministry of Chronology. We are currently arraigning alternative entrances to our offices to ease any difficulties.

This policy is strictly so we can apply our efforts to end the C.T.C., not to avoid questions we cannot answer.

(NOTE: Please treat all employees of the Mayoral Office, members of the General Assembly, officers of the Gendarmerie, Sapeurs-Pompiers, and representative of the Fourth Estate the same way you might an overly curious citizen.)

3- “What procedures and equipment may we use?” As a result of the C.T.C., our standard techniques and specialized apparatus is not to be relied upon. Even in situations where the timeline seems intact, do not manipulate the matter of time, use double or triple dating, future shock collars, clock-beating, stitching up time threads, firing blast from the past firearms, employ second or minute sight, occasion planning, instant communication, both good and bad timing, and avoid all clear and present dangers, as well as past, future ones. This cannot be stressed enough. Results thus far have been extremely unpredictable and therefore, dangerous. If you have any Ministry equipment, please return it to the Quartermaster’s Office posthaste. Those who do not comply will be disciplined with suspension without pay, demotion, cession of café privileges, and retroactive termination.

4- “What is going on?” While the C.T.C. is of an unprecedented scale, the Ministry of Chronology is using all of its considerable resources to resolve it as quickly and safely as possible. Any conversations or correspondences to the contrary are unhelpful and should be reported to your immediate superior. Remember, we are all on the same side!

                                                     Ministry of Chronology

                                    “Travailler hier, pour un avenir meilleur.”


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