Egress In The Night-Arrondissement-Part Forty-Seven

                                                             Excerpted from La Vérité

                                                              “Mayhem on the Moon”
                                                                    By E.P. Ranque
                                             November 10th, 394th Year of the Thrush

Jules Thibault, the mysterious criminal responsible for a host of malfeasances and a member of the shadowy organization known as ‘The League of Spiders’, left the psycho-hygiene institute, the Manoir de la Lune, Tuesday in the dead of the night. The time was unorthodox, but it was the means of his egress, which is sending the Arrondissement into a fervor.

Young Thibault was ‘rescued’ by a small group of black-clad figures that attempted to slip in quietly. However, the night staff, ever vigilant, discovered this intrusion and attempted to prevent it. Sadly, the League of Spiders members overpowered the orderlies with their preternatural might. Jean-Henri Appell, 28, and Jean-Julien Cuch, 23, suffered multiple contusions and several broken limbs. In a twist of irony, both men are now receiving care at the same facility where they work.

Last night’s escape was the first since the disappearance of the infamous mass murderer known only as Tueur de fantômes. Not to be confused with the resident spirit, the Fantôme de Lune, whose comforting nature inspired the song, ‘Silver Soothing Sighs’, made popular by the songbird Célia Benoît.

While our daguerreotypist was not given access to the scene, reports have indicated that much collateral damage occurred, including but not limited to: broken furniture, shattered glass, and twisted metal, all done with bare hands. That right, bare hands. If this is true, clearly the League of Spiders are not to be trifled with.

Director of the facility and chief Alienist, Doctor Hugo Flandrin made this statement, “We condemn these acts of violence. The Manoir de la Lune is a house of healing and peace. This so-called ‘rescue’ disrupts the progress Monsieur Thibault had made and damages his chance of recovery and eventually become a contributing member of society. We are cooperating fully with the authorities so he can be returned and continue his treatment.”

When asked how much progress Thibault had made before the events of last night, Doctor Flandrin invoked patient confidentiality. One wonders if the young Spider made any headway at all.

Sergeant Gendarme Arpin, who originally apprehended Thibault had only this to say, “The Gendarmerie is treating this incident most seriously. However, we cannot comment upon an ongoing investigation, as I’m sure the members of the fourth estate can appreciate. We will release information when it becomes prudent to do so. Merci.”

So gentle readers, in the end we are left with more questions than answers. Who are the League of Spiders? How have they eluded capture for so long? What dangerous and frightening abilities do they possess? And more importantly, how will you, the decent citizens of the Arrondissement, protect yourself from the evil that lurks unseen? As always, the La Vérité is here to shine a light on the hidden.

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