Action Must Be Taken-Arrondissement Part Forty

                                                                    Tragedy Reversed
                                                              By Eloise Van der Linde
                                                November 3rd, 394th Year of the Thrush

An accident occurred today at the construction site on the Rue du Référentiel for the new annex of the Musée d’art post-ancien when a ledge cracked and fell on pedestrians below. However, the cries of the injured and traumatized were cut short when the jagged pieces of stone were flung back into place. Huzzahs were premature as the tragedy repeated itself and then, in turn, reversed.

“It was like a cineascope,” said Marie Fontenot, 37, “It wound back and forth. I was terrified for those people.”

Sapeurs-Pompiers set up barriers to prevent others from possibly being drawn into this inexplicable event. Gendarmes assisted and brought with them arcane experts but they were cautious about interfering, despite the repeated screams of anguish.

While bystanders were told to disperse, the crowd continued to grow, as did their impatience with the civil authorities seeming lack of action. A chant of “Do Something! Do Something!” broke out amongst the onlookers. Gendarmes attempted to quell the crowd but with no success.

At the height of the chanting, a figure dashed out of the crowd and straight towards the repeating accident, pausing just long enough for the scene to reset. Then without a thought for their own safety, this person leapt forward and plucked one of the sidewalk victims out of the way of the plummeting stonework.

Everyone, from the Gendarmes, the Sapeurs-Pompiers, the ever-growing crowd, and even the arcane consultants cheered! With renewed confidence, Gendarmes and Sapeurs-pompiers followed the lead and were able to rescue the pedestrians. But one victim remained, a worker on the ledge that gave way.

Once more, there was much discussion on how to proceed but the heroic figure who instigated the first rescue once more did what others would not. Standing on part of the shattered ledge, he rose into the air and once the piece of this mysterious puzzle were reassembled, he grabbed the worker and pulled her to a stable portion of the ledge.

Who was this person who risked not just his life but also the possibility of the damnation of unending repeated deaths? Well dear reader, his name might just be familiar to you.

He is one Willem Molyneux. Former nonagenarian gifted with a second youth. While many might wish for such a boon, it cannot be argued that he has not squandered his good fortune.

When asked for a comment he merely said, “I have to admit, I didn’t really think it through. I just thought I might be able to help. Hearing those people suffer just broke my heart. It was quite foolish I suppose, but I’m happy I was able to help.”

If we all were as so foolish as Monsieur Molyneux, the Arrondissement
would be a better place. One person who agrees with that sentiment was the young iron shaper whom he saved in a final act of gallantry, Mademoiselle Blaise Gallois, 28.

“It was like a nightmare, I fell over and over, it was like being damned. Then suddenly, he appeared and pulled me to safety. I can never thank him enough, he’s better than any Chevalier!”

High praise indeed.

Authorities have cordoned off the area as the phenomenon continues unabated. As for the cause, it is under investigation. The former victims have been brought to a local soins d’urgence and remain under the care of chirurgeons.

As of now the cause of the phenomena is unknown and Ministère officials have yet to comment. Given the preponderance of such oddities these days, might there be a connection? Only time will tell.

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