Down to the Bone-Arrondissement Part Thirty Two

“I’m afraid you cannot speak to the patient, it’s simply out of the question.”

Sergeant Gendarme Arpin held up his hands.

“I don’t need to speak with him, we only need-“

“To see his medical records and speak with his chirurgeon,” said Doctor Flandrin.

The director of the Manoir de la Lune flared his nostrils.

“That is if that is not an inconvenience,” added Aprin.

“The Manoir de la Lune is dedicated to the psycho-hygiene of our patients, and as such, we strictly avoid disturbances to the environment.”

“Don’t be a bigger idiot than you were in school, Andre!” spat Doctor Flandrin, “We don’t need to speak to the patient! All we require is to look over the records and speak to the chirurgeon who treated him! Just nod as if you understand!”

“Good day gentlemen! Behind you is the door, please make use of it immediately!”

Arpin sighed and stood.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I will need to go to the Tribunal for a writ of discovery. It will take time but we will return. I had hoped that you might help with our investigation. Now I will be discrete but if the fourth estate gets wind of this, I fear that the public will misinterpret your intent. Such is life, good day.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No director, just a theory of what might happen. You’ll forgive me, but it is an occupational quirk for someone who does what I do. Possibilities suggest themselves unbidden. “

With that, he and Doctor Flandrin began to leave. Just as they reached the door.


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