Star Trek Spin Offs

This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con they dropped a trailer for the much anticipated Picard show and showed images from the animated show, “Lower Decks.” It’s an exciting time to be a Trek fan but why stop at these? There are so many characters who have the potential to go boldly forward. Here are a few of my turbolift pitches.

Councilor Troi, PI-After retiring from StarFleet, Diana Troi becomes a private investigator in Los Angeles. Her empathic abilities are a real boon but knowing that someone is “intensely angry” is not proof that that person is a murderer.

Spot, the Series- This explores the day to day life of Commander Data’s cat. It will be a big money maker as every episode is composed of attaching a GO-PRO to a cat and letting it wander around the set of the old show.

I’m A Doctor, Not A…-Every week, Doctor McCoy tries his hand at different jobs that he is clearly untrained in.

Riker’s Jazz Ship-With his trombone and a shuttlecraft, Will explores the jazz traditions of alien civilizations across the Federation. It will be cancelled quickly as most aliens do not care for jazz.

Is this Logical?- Game show where humans try to justify the logic of their actions to Mr. Spock. There are no prizes, as they are not… Well, you know.

Q&A- Inter-dimensional trickster Q journey throughout reality and take questions about the nature of existence but the reply is always, “You’re not advanced enough to understand.”

Voyager Again- Admiral Janeway goes to the mall but cannot find her mini-van in the vastness of the parking lot. Eventually she just gives up and beams home.

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