Opening lines to unwritten stories.

With a flourish, she produced the missing file and then clicked “send all.”

Sleep eluded him like a dog at bath time.

Rain and a broken umbrella made Margaret a prisoner of her condominium.

Day old pizza is a joy but the same cannot be said of week old salad.

With the choice of doing anything in the world, her majesty spent this day watching repeats of the Great British Baking Show.

Love doesn’t hurt but its lack is devastating.

Deep space pilot is the perfect occupation for a highly intelligent introvert.

Jerry wondered where dust comes from but lacked the initiative to Google it.

As the battle-axe slipped from her hands, Vernaka thought about her mother’s admonishment to wash her hands before a fight.

Never tell an author what you think they should’ve done.

Believing in yourself is harder than telling someone to do so.

In ancient times, they worshiped multiple gods, notable amongst them were the Avengers and the great Beyoncé.

Sometimes the most profound thing you can do is just shut up and listen.

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