Is anyone reading this?

Here’s a question for my fellow writers, does anyone read what you write? Sometimes it feels as though I’m shouting on a dead planet. Please forgive my dramatic imagery. I know that ultimately, you must write for yourself first. You cannot hope to make everyone happy, in life as well as in writing so tell the stories you want to tell. But…

Who is reading what you write?

We live in a world where time is at a premium. Few people have time to spare and putting it aside for reading is something of a luxury. And I understand that. In theory.

There’s an abbreviation, TL;DR. It means Too Long, Didn’t Read. It is often used by editors as a note that a passage needs to be shortened. But it’s also made its way into the common vernacular for such things as emails. Emails.

Sure, an email can be too long and frequently are. However, time is the one currency we spend without knowing how much is left. That’s a bit metaphysical I’ll admit, but no less true. So I understand the desire to use it wisely.

I also know that writing, unlike visual artistry and music, requires concentration and focus. You can take in a painting or a song almost immediately but reading something can be akin to homework. Very few people enjoy homework. And if you did, why aren’t you reading my stuff?

Apologies for complaining, it’s an unattractive quality and at the end of the day, no one wants to hear it. I suppose if you’ve chosen to be a writer, you already enjoy sitting alone and spewing out your thoughts and ideas on to a page with no guarantee that another living soul will ever read them, even if you share your work with others.

In the end, I’m a writer because I’m compelled to be one. I write for myself, telling stories I want to tell, even if they are just for me. Though sometime I just wish I had a back up, something a little more practical. Maybe I should learn to play the guitar.

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