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What do you do with an empty dungeon?

So, you’ve cleared out a dungeon. All the monsters are slain, the traps disarmed and the treasure looted. Most adventurers move on to the next quest. Let me tell you this, those people are fools! FOOLS! They are leaving gold … Continue reading

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Six Word O’clock

One ticket or two? Just one… Cat novelist writes. Egtekn873………absahog; 02shfxcmsl. Then what happens? No spoilers please. Beer with friends or whiskey alone. Inspiration arrives unannounced then Irish goodbye. Nature is beauty, mud and bugs. In love, don’t fuck it … Continue reading

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Is anyone reading this?

Here’s a question for my fellow writers, does anyone read what you write? Sometimes it feels as though I’m shouting on a dead planet. Please forgive my dramatic imagery. I know that ultimately, you must write for yourself first. You … Continue reading

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It’s not that kind of game

Is the game part of Role Playing Game ruining RPGs? Generally, games are meant to be won, from tic-tac-toe to Monopoly, there is a winner at the end. Of course, tic-tac-toe played by two people trying to win can only … Continue reading

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When I serve myself dinner, I inevitably use one of a certain set of plates. Saying that they are not fancy, is not false modesty, they are metal plates covered in a grey enamel. Well made, durable, but not what … Continue reading

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