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Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D as it’s more frequently referred to, is the most popular and the first tabletop role playing game. The alliterative name spawned many games that followed that specific convention.

There was T&T (Tunnels and Trolls), V&V (Villains and Vigilantes), S&S (Starships & Spacemen), and M&M (Mazes and Minotaurs). It’s a title style that has generally fallen out of favor, with some exceptions, but I think the RPG community might benefit from revisiting this as a source of inspiration. Here’s some ideas I’ve had.

C&C (Copies and Collocating)
Set in the 1980s, you play temp workers in office of a huge corporation who must compete against each other to duplicate a never-ending pile of documents that must be filed exactly in brown cardboard boxes. This is ceaseless work and will cost you WTL (Will To Live) Points. Lose too many and you will not get your time sheet signed. You can recharge by hiding the storeroom and napping but beware the dreaded Middle Manager!

G&G (Gin and Ginger)
There are no dice in this game, it’s just to see how many gin and ginger cocktails you can drink in a single sitting. You cannot get up to pee, pass out or vomit. The last one who is at least semi-coherent is the winner. Full disclosure: this maybe just be an excuse to binge drink.

R&R (Of Remembrance and Robots)
Players are mechanical beings programmed to debate deep philosophical issues and the nature of the soul. They infiltrate prestigious universities and try to overcome the entitled notions of pretentious graduate students. Roll handfuls of dice to see how well you crush their preconceived notions. (I acknowledge that technically it should be OR&R but lets just say that the O is silent.)

L&L (Losing & Looking)
Place all your minis and dice on either the dining room table or coffee table. Leave your home with a cat inside. Come back and try to find your minis and dice that have been scattered by the cat. If you can find everything quickly, your cat is not trying hard enough. In that case, get a new cat.

H&H (Hammer and Harlequins)
Evil clowns (redundant I know) have invaded. How many can you dispatch with a mallet? Fun for anyone who hates clowns. So everybody. This also works as a LARP

C&C (Cheese and Crackers)
In this game you watch the news and try to use non-obscene exclamations, such as fudge nuggets, son of a Brooklyn Bridge, dagnabbit, and go lick a duck! Every time you slip up, you have to take a drink. Sorry, get to take a drink.

Z&Z (Zebras and Zombies)
You ride zebras in a zombie apocalypse using a variety of weapons. The twist, the zebras do NOT want to be ridden. This maybe the shortest of the games presented.

M&M (Mansplaining and Murder)
All the PCs are female who resist the urge to not kill men who try to explain the rules to them and there are a lot of rules!

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