The good and the bad

It’s been a hell of year. Not just the political and social turmoil that we all experience day-to-day basis or sometimes a minute to minute basis. I have little to add to that conversation, wiser and more foolish people have already covered those topics.

For me, this was not a great year, I was outsourced from my job and have been looking for a new job, unsuccessfully, since that happened. I also managed to bash my knee, which kept me less than mobile for about a month.

Also, I had my heart broken. Perhaps not broken, but at the very least badly bruised. At this point of my life, it just leaves me feeling hollowed out. Which might be sadder than the break up.

My mom had a spill and ended up in the emergency room. She fell again as soon as we exited the hospital and back in we went. This was worse for her than I, but it felt like it took years off my life.

Last, and perhaps least, I ended my podcast. This was the right choice for a laundry list of reasons but I was sad that it was over.

And now for the good stuff.

I have a roof over my head, food and clean water, which millions of people lack, I can’t genuinely complain.

I don’t have enough words to talk about my mom. Lets just say she continues to support me, even when I’m not sure I deserve it.

I’m also very fortunate that I have friends who are generous, kind and supportive. It ranged from picking up the tab for lunch, a thoughtful gift, or just letting me vent. Sometimes all it takes is a sympathetic word.

We tend to think of wonderful and terrible things as being huge but the truth is that small kindnesses and tiny setbacks can tip you towards laughter or tears quicker than the big stuff. As Hank Scorpio once said, “You can’t argue with the little things.
It’s the little things that make up life.”

That’s how I want to end this year, with an obscure Simpsons quote.

And scene.

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