Six little words

This past week was a pretty terrible one for the world. Of course, it feels like the world is beat up every day. People cleverer than myself have offered wisdom on how to cope with this, for which I am eternally grateful. All I have to offer this week is more six-word stories. They will not solve anything but they might make you smile. Enjoy.

The small fight, and titans topple.

Work drains soul, fills my wallet.

Drink tonight, regret it all tomorrow.

Life hack this, always a cost.

Never look back, sorrow is there.

If you don’t ask, who knows?

So much is left unseen, unread.

Walking gunslinger, six bullets, six names.

Cyborg clanks, but nanos are silent.

Sleep’s sweet embrace, or deeds done.

One more, the lie we tell.

Sometimes it is better, not always.

Too many questions, hit the road.

Nothing to say, too damn hot.

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