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Circle Completed

A little while ago I wrote about my friend Matt Higgins and mentioned his Kickstarter, which was in support of an improvised show that would be taped. It was successful and he performed it this past Saturday. If you pitched … Continue reading

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Journey to Nowhere

An Excerpt From “Journey to Nowhere, the Failure of The MTA in the Early Twenty-First Century” By Professor Nari Applebaum It is a well-documented fact that the mass transit system of the five boroughs of New York City was a … Continue reading

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What’s all this then?

This week I have some exciting news to share. A screenplay I wrote, Super High Maintenance, is a finalist in the Stage 32 Annual Comedy Writing Contest. What is most remarkable is that I had no idea I was even … Continue reading

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Weren’t Your Scared?

Recently, someone asked me if I ever got stage fright when doing improv. I have to admit, when I started it was scary. After all, I had to make stuff up on the fly. There’s no script to fall back … Continue reading

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Six little words

This past week was a pretty terrible one for the world. Of course, it feels like the world is beat up every day. People cleverer than myself have offered wisdom on how to cope with this, for which I am … Continue reading

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