Try this

I’m a little at a loss as to what to write about this week. There are certainly a multitude of topics to discuss based only on what is going on in the world. Admittedly, most of what is happening it horrifying. I’m not sure what I have to add to the cacophony, except the following

This week, I urge my faithful readers to do one of these super obvious things.

Create something-Write a poem, cook a meal, or even build a little fort from office supplies. Bringing something into the world, that is non-destructive, is a tick in the good column. If you’re feeling ambitious, start a novel, design a game, or build a house, small or large, it makes no difference.

Spend time with friends-Everybody is busy, I get it. On your death bed, you will not be thinking, “I’m so happy I stayed home to watch Downton Abby for the fifth time instead of going to meet my friends for dinner.” It’s easy to retreat from the world and sometimes it’s necessary. However, time spent with people you care for and who care for you will make you happy. It seems obvious but it’s forgotten all too readily.

Do something just for you-We are often running errands for family and friends, to say nothing of our day to day jobs. Just take a moment to indulge yourself. It can be listening to some music, reading a good book, or whatever makes you happy. You know what your like, I haven’t the foggiest notion. Just do that thing.

Pet an animal-If you have a cat or dog, you’re all set. They are already likely to demanding such affection. No pet? Visit a friend or loved one with an animal companion. Make sure they are friendly, both the friend and the pet. Just remember, the best dog in the world is the one you are currently petting and the best cat is the one that hasn’t scratched you.

Do something kind-Open the door, hold the elevator, or in a non-entrance related thought, compliment someone unexpectedly. Life is rough but not just for you. We’re all dealing with our own things. Just do something nice for someone, it costs literally nothing but a moment of your time. In other words, don’t be a jerk.

I’m sure there are any number of things you can do to make life better but maybe try just one of these. None of these suggestions is terribly original but they do work. Prove me wrong.

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