In the dead of night

Here’s a little story about when the Chainsaw Boys were down in Austin for the Big Stinkin’ Improv Fest. While it is not specifically about performing, but all the players are improvisers.

This happened, on the first or second night after we arrived. We were all staying at a motel just outside of town, and after a night of enjoying the hospitality of Austin, Mike Bencivenga, whom I was sharing a room with, had come back and sacked out

Sometime after midnight, there’s a knocking at the door. It’s fellow Chainsaw Miriam Sirota. She’s been locked out of her room because of some mixup with her credit card. She asks us if we have any cash.

Now when you are awakened in the dead of the night by a good friend who needs cash, you can do one of two things. Stare at them and ask “wha….?” Or say “Hold on,” and take the money out of your wallet, hand it to your friend and them promptly go back to sleep.

I chose the second option. Now Miriam was fortunate that it was early in our stay so I still had plenty of cash on hand. If not we would’ve knocked on a few more doors and rallied the rest of the Chainsaws.

The next day Miriam told me that was when she knew I was a great person to travel with. A compliment I carry to this day. I like to think that even in the grogginess of being woke up, I can still say Yes And.

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