And now a word from our sponsor

Mike Bencivenga, my fellow Chainsaw Boy, is also filmmaker as well as playwright and he makes a mean sausage and pepper sandwich. Once, just before he was about to shoot a film, Tully, which I highly recommend seeing, he brought Eric Stoltz, one of the stars, to see a show I was in.

This was the Sunday Night Improv Jam, run by Tom Soter, where different performers from groups would do a show. It was always interesting because you got to work with new people.

While Mike was not in the show, he got called down to take part in a form call “Radio Show.” The rules were, they turned down the lights and we did, well a radio show. One of the suggestions we got was a product, for the sponsor. That night, it was cat food.

When the commercial part came up, it was not for food for cats but food made from cats. Then, usually, the accompanist would sing a jingle. However this night, there was some confusion, and instead of a song there was nothing.

So I say, in my best 1940’s voice, “Remember folks, eat pussy for America!” This elicited both laughter and groans from the audience. I have never regretted this.

One postscript on this is, anytime Mike mentions my name to Stoltz, he says, “Eat pussy for America.” No regrets.

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