Just Keep It Clean

The Chainsaw Boys went to the Big Stinkin’ Improv Fest in Austin Texas. There are more stories about that trip, which I will tell later but one result was we made a lot of new friends. Improvisers from all over the country and some from other countries. It was a blast!

A while after we got back, one of the many performers we met contacts us, he’s in town and wants to know if are we doing a show? Yes indeed, please come on by! He shows up with his octogenarian, little old Irish grandmother with him. A sweet, white haired lady straight out of central casting.

We meet her before the show, it’s very pleasant and cordial. Then we hurry backstage and immediately decide that we cannot do our usual, profanity laced, sex infused, semi-violent style. Don’t get the wrong idea, we were not trying to be edgy but we also were doing a late show on a Friday night, so things had a tendency to get a little blue.

So we promise to be, if not G then PG-13 and proceed to do perhaps our filthiest show ever. I won’t do a blow by blow of the ribald proceedings, but our opening scene was someone being nailed to the floor while a parade of prostitutes entered and described what they were hired to do. I ended the scene as an Amway salesman; make of that what you will. This was the level of discourse for the rest of the show.

Fortunately for us, Gran thought the show was splendid, she laughed heartily and often. I think her grandson was relieved to not have to explain our antics. As much as we all want to be wholesome, decent people, sometimes you just need to nail someone to the floor and order hookers.

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