It’s January 1st. We all want it to be a fresh start, but let’s not go nuts. There is nothing inherently magical about January first. It’s just a day. If you want to start running, have at it. I will be doing something less strenuous, probably a binge of some sort.

If you must make a resolution, aim low, that way you can proudly say you kept them. Here are a few suggestions.

1-Spend more time on social media. You’ve shared pictures of what you had for dinner but what about the often-ignored snacks? Are you a Frito or Dipsy-Doodle person? You’re friends are dying to know. Also, are you sure there are enough pictures of you pet posted? Probably not.

2-Pretend to read more. What should you read? It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s big, people are impressed by the number of words contained in a book. You could read on you phone or tablet but you lose points for not hefting a hunk of dead tree. This also can count as going to the gym. Complete your ensemble with a pair of fake glasses so you can look extra smart.

3- Volunteer. It doesn’t even have to be a charity, you can volunteer to help out friends and family. Someone needs help with some bags, take one, maybe a small one, you don’t want strain yourself. Does someone need to eat better? You can help out by removing any fattening foods from their house! Make sure to send a note with pictures of you enjoying the treats, that way you’re motivating them as well. Remember, you don’t need to be asked to volunteer, jump in where you think you’re needed.

Or resolve to do nothing, that’s the easiest one of all.

Happy New Year!

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