Are we there yet? I hope not.

When you’re a kid, Christmas Day seems like a distant and ever denied land, until it actually, amazingly arrives. As an adult, it’s here and gone before you know.

I think I may have written about this before, but I think I enjoy the Christmas season more than the holiday itself. Not that I dislike Christmas, it’s pretty great, but the stuff leading up to it is even better. Before you send an angry email, let me explain.

Parties- there are parties leading up to Christmas, all month long. No other holiday has pre-holiday parties. Not sure I need to say more about that, so I won’t.

Food- People start to bake so there are cookies all over the place. Free cookies, an excellent combination of words. Much like the parties, what more need be said.

Presents- You don’t spend Christmas with everyone you know so you will get at least some gifts early. Even if they are terrible presents, you can always re-gift. Don’t get huffy, you probably know someone who would like that Garfield desk calendar.

I was dismayed by the early intrusion of Christmas in advertising, given it leaps out right after Halloween, but maybe I should embrace it. If it offers us more Holiday Season, it’s not terrible.

Either way, Merry Christmas.

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