It’s the thought that counts

It’s always said, “It’s the thought that counts,” with regards to presents. I know that I deeply appreciate a small thoughtful gift that show that the giver knows me and has taken the time to find something they know will delight me.

However, this can be challenge to some people, due to time, finances and perhaps a lack of observation. Fret not! Here are some quick and easy ideas that show you are a deep and attentive gift giver.

1 Where we first met. Go to the place where you and your loved one saw each other and take a small bit of dirt from that spot. Then carefully place the speck into a tiny box, put that into a slightly larger box and repeat until you have a decent sized present. This might take some explanation on the part of the gift giver, especially since a speck of dirt is very likely to get lost. Tip: take a selfie of yourself picking up the item in question as proof of your devotion.

2 Take care of a chore. Sometime the best gift is the gift of time. We’re all busy at this time of year, offer to run an errand. Perhaps pick up some groceries, walk the dog, or even break up with someone. Now, that might seem a little cold, but if they really loved that person, they would be breaking up themselves. It’s the best for all concerned because now everyone had more time for holiday drinking.

3 Make something. Anyone can just buy a present, but when you make one, that shows you care. Start by prospecting iron, zinc, copper and other metals, smelt and forge them, get a degree in engineering with a minor in design, create a custom blueprint, subcontract any components you feel less confident about, assemble over a period of five to seven months and ta-da! You’ve made a sophisticated mechanical device that says I care. While the outlay of student loans and the warehouse full of machinery might seem a little much, you’ll soon find they pay for themselves. To say nothing of the look on the face of whoever receives your custom made creation, you can’t buy that in a store.

I hope these give you a few ideas on how to make your next gift unforgettable. If you’ll excuse me, my forge is ready and I need to fold some steel for the thirty-seventh time today.

Happy Holidays!

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