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Are we special?

In science fiction and fantasy, non-humans have super powers. Some can read minds, many have fantastical strength, and others can fly or cast spells or manipulate energy. But humans alone have no special abilities. We’re all just human smart or … Continue reading

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That Guy

I just spent the weekend at Pax Unplugged, the first tabletop convention sponsored by guys at Penny Arcade. It was a lot of fun, but the organization needs a lot of work, until my friend Richard showed me where the … Continue reading

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Make Thanksgiving Great Again.

It’s the Holiday season. I know this not because Thanksgiving is next week but because a fair amount of commercials and online ads are telling me so. However, they all seem to be for Christmas, the Godzilla of holidays, large, … Continue reading

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The thought does not count

A lot has been written about the power of prayer, I can’t say if there is any is any effect on the world by an entreaty to an unseen entity. When people are suffering, they need your help, whether it … Continue reading

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