D and PE

One of the problems with playing tabletop RPGs is that is while your characters might be doing amazing physical feats, you are, in fact, sitting down and lets face it, eating unhealthy snacks.

So I propose these activities to make sure players get some exercise while gaming.

1-If your character wears armor, you have to wear armor. Of course, real armor is expensive and not readily available so here’s an alternative; wear as many heavy coats and jackets as you can fit, tie weighty books to your feet, and wear a eight quart pot on your head. Also, put the snacks on the other side of the room, so when you go for a chip, you’ll burn some calories. Also, you’ll appreciate how it feels to be fully armored. Such immersion will really aid in your role-play.

2-Limit snacks to period appropriate foods. There weren’t Doritos in the middle ages and no M&Ms in the Forgotten Realms. Turnips and other root vegetables will bring the culinary experience of feudal society home for your players. Don’t wash or cook them to give it a more authentic feel. If your players complain, offer up a thin gruel and some stale bread, but only if they’ve earned it. Oh, and if it’s a futuristic game, all the food should be in pill form.

3-When characters are chasing the bad guy have them run after you while you drive. Make sure not to go so fast that they lose sight of you but not so slow as they can catch you too quickly. If you don’t’ have a car, call an Uber. For some extra cardio, drive up multiple hills.

4-It’s the journey, not the destination. The Fellowship of the Ring walked all over Middle-Earth, so why not take your game on a hike? (Don’t forget that armor!) Hire some strangers to leap out periodically to attack, using foam weapons or if unavailable, sticks are all over the wilderness and are free! When they emerge from the wilderness, they will have worked for that cheeseburger and I think it will be all the more delicious for the effort.

After a few sessions like this, everyone will be in amazing shape! Or just eat in moderation and exercise regularly. It’s up to you.

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