But what if it’s great?

A little over two weeks ago, my podcast, The Pod of Many Casts, did our first live show in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It was a bit of a make or break moment for us for a couple of reasons.

First, while we can all make each other laugh while recording, we didn’t know for sure if anyone else was laughing. People are listening, we can see the number of downloads, but that is sort of an abstraction.

Secondly, would anyone show up? That is perhaps the more important question. Who comes out on a Saturday night to watch a bunch of people play D&D. It’s one thing to spend your weekend playing a game, it’s quite another to go out and watch other people play.

I’ll not drag this out any further but we had an excellent turn out and people really quite enjoyed themselves. Many laughs were had. Huzzah!

You might be asking, and quite rightly so, “How is this a story?”

That’s a fair point. The moral of this tale, if there is one, is that the act of creation is not enough. If you compose a song than no one hears, it’s almost if you never did it. As terrifying as it is to present what you’ve made to even one person, it’s better to do that than keep it hidden away.

The other side of “What if it’s terrible?” is “What if it’s wonderful.”

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